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Heavenly or Earthly Money, Which is your choice?

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Money they say is the root of ALL evils. Money is good, but when one tends to allow money to take over his/her life, conscience and everything, life becomes boring because money now heads the head.

Earthly or heavenly millions, which do you prefer? This is a question that every believer is supposed to be constantly asking themselves. Do you prefer to enjoy the luxuries now on Earth and forgo Heaven, by allowing Money become your idol, who you worship and adhere to its instincts and instructions, or would you allow God to step into your situation and help you manage your money and make sure that ONLY God is your Head and not your money.

Moderation is the key and it is not just in your conduct as a Child of God, but also in your RELATIONSHIP with Money and its sweetness.

I read a very common book a couple of years ago titled: One hour interview in hell fire. In the book, different people were interviewed but the one that challenged me most is about a Pastor. The only sin this man of God committed was spending the church money on his daughter’s wedding.

During the interview, he confessed to using the money with the intention of refunding it at a later date, unfortunately he died without fulfilling this promise.

Dealing with God’s Money

I have two points to talk about here:

1. What dealings do you have with God? Has He ever given you any assignment but you are unable to carry it out due to reasons best known to you but expecting God to understand?

A lot of people stop paying tithes and offerings because their Pastor is in charge of the money or think he’s living an extravagant life.

Please obey God’s instructions and ignore your Pastor’s way of life. Let him use the money for whatever purpose. He can even buy private jet with it for all you care. It is well! One day he will render account of how he spent God’s money. That is the same account he cannot give the church accounting department.

Always remember that whenever God wants to deal with His Generals you won’t be there, so obey God, do your part and leave God – the Chief Auditor to do His work. By doing this you will be saving your head against the wrath of God.

Your business with God’s Money

Special note: You have no business with church money, go to church to worship God. Build your spiritual life, contribute to the work of God not to gossip, rebellion, spiritual bully, Judas, spiritual buying and selling…

……. to be continued.

Please look out for more write ups from His pot of wisdom.

Written by: Esther Palmer

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