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My Increase begins with me

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There is nothing God can do for you without first doing it to you. Every change that comes for you must start with you. (2 cor. 5 vs. 17). The emphasis here is on the person.

Christianity is not a change of behavioural pattern……. “If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature…” God’s number one goal is in changing you and not necessarily your circumstances or your situation.

Why? The reason is that If you are changed, you can change your situation.

God works from your inside to your outside. It is who you are and not necessarily what you do that determines what you get. You don’t get in life what you want, but what you are. (You can be close to great people but not be great)

In order to do something great for God, you have to do something you have never done before.
You should evaluate the things you have done in the past so as to change. (Job 8 Vs 17)

ð  For you to change your personality, you have to change your mentality.
ð  For you to increase in life, you must change your perspective to life.

Your destiny is in your hands. If you chose to prosper / increase, nothing can stop you, just change your thoughts.

A man’s lifestyle is an external expression of what he thinks. (Prov 23 Vs 27)
ð  Do not let people’s opinion of you become your reality in life.

Jacob internalised the meaning of his name (Cheat etc) that it affected his mentality. Until he realised that he is a Prince, but when God changed his mentality/Name, he began to prosper.

Any battle you win/loose, it begins from within. It is your WHO that determines your DO!
One of the destructive tendencies of the enemy is to let you believe that you have a low mentality. Reject it!
ð  You can only retain what you have the power to attract. (The greatest evil you can do to someone is to promote them wrongly!!!!)

Do you know that “Perception is stronger than reality?” This simply means that “You get in life what you ARE and not what you WANT!”

Find out how this can Affect you because Your Increase MUST begin with You.

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