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New Year New Resolutions

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New Year New ResolutionsAs the old year was gradually packing its load to go and never return again, the New Year beckoned on us for recognition. As the New Year is ushered in, we are faced with an echelon of ideas, stuffs, things, memories, what’s and what not.

Yes the out gone year had been fun for many, lovely and wonderful for some, harsh and unfounded by many, but memorable for ALL.

No matter how harsh this out gone year had been for you, I am sure it has left a memory or memories, hopes, aspirations, dreams and etc. in you, and has given us yet another chance for a New Beginning.

For those that the year had not gone as anticipated, I send my sympathy to you and ask the Creator of the Heaven and Earth to help put special smiles on your faces in the coming year starting from the New Year day!

For those who are lucky enough to be blessed and well looked after by the out gone Year, I say congratulations to you all and happy New Year! For Hitherto Hath the Lord Helped You, so you know there are lots of works to be done in this New Year.

New Year New Beginnings

Today, as part of the January 2014 Synchroblog, which talks about New Beginnings >> story of cravings for change and growth, I will like to talk about three categories of people that have always wanted to make a change in their lives, and have the best year. Whether they have their heart desire or not for now is secondary.

Many people enter a New Year with plans or a clear understanding of what to expect or gain in the New Year, while many just get into the New Year with their ears to the ground, waiting for what to expect and living by it on a daily basis.

Whereas others make out an organised plan of what they intend to achieve, plans of their academic excellence, business desires, goals and aspirations for the New Year.

Below I have tried to analyse these sets of New Year expectant personalities for us to understand them and also learn from their system of thoughts and operations.

1. The New Year Resolution Dreamers.
2. The New Year Resolution Specialists.
3. The New Year Planners and Achievers.

This post is part of the January Synchroblog:  New Beginnings >> story of  cravings for change and growth; stories of people making resolutions, choosing their one word for the coming year and dreaming about how they will leave their mark in 2014.

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