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Someone or a group is the problem you face: you must take responsibility. You must discard that thinking. Be a master of your destiny.

You can fast and pray your way to prosperity: unless you are in the religious line discard that.…


The very essence of salvation has either been lost or relegated to the back in most Churches and MONEY has overtaken their order of things. The Church......

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If You VALUE the “Happiness” of your PAST to the Peace, tranquility, Love and Happiness of your Present, then you are not WORTH being in the PRESENT.

Free yourself from your PAST, so your Present and Future can be BRIGHT, only then you can see the Sparkle in the FUTURE that awaits you!!…


Successful Strategic Planning For Your LifeI was listening to the word by Bishop TD Jakes and he was encouraging people to have Strategic Plans for their lives.

In his words, “Success is not intentional; you don’t just get your qualifications overnight”.

In getting qualified in every facet of life, it involves hard work, and you cannot work hard if you don’t have a laid down plan that will take you through the available routes using your available means to your destination.…


Trust in God

When you Trust God!!….

“He is not limited by the natural; He has supernatural power. When you consider God instead of your circumstances, amazing things can happen.” – Joel Osteen

I just came across this inspiring story of a Little Girl and her father as they prepare to make a journey across a swift flowing river.…