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OUR GOD OUR PROTECTOR – The God of Protection

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Text:2kings ch 6vs8-17.

Protection simply means to guard from attack, shame, intruder, insult, annoyance e.t.c.
God is God, Man can build a defense but God’s defense is the best. It is dangerous to accept the covenant of God and blaspheme against it.
For you to understand God the protector you should be able to see Him as:
  1. The mighty Man in battle, if the enemy has given evil thoughts concerning your life, tell him the lord is your protector. Psalms ch5 vs 11. Trust the Lord and fulfill your own part of the covenant.
  2. God our Protector: Our God is our protector and our fortress 2Psalm ch 22 vs 2.
  3. Do you acknowledge the fact that God is our protector? Align the words of your mouth with your acknowledgement of the Lord.
  4. The Lord our Hiding Place: The Lord is our hiding place, those that call upon Him in the days of their trouble, He will hide the under the shadow of His wings.
  5. The lord is our refuge Deuteronomy ch 33 vs 27.
  6. God is also our shield: Genesis ch 15 vs 1.
It is one thing to say you are God’s own and another thing for God to say he is yours.
  1. As many that call on His name, as many that ask for His protection.
  2. The one that accepts God as their lord and Saviour Ps ch 91 vs 1-2: He that dewelleth in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty. If our hearts are not perfect with God then the edge will be broken and the serpent will bite. Phil ch 4 vs 8:-Think of things that are virtuous.
  3. Those who fear him Ps ch 41 vs 2,Ps 125 vs 2,Ps ch 128 vs 1-2.

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