The man of God and the Image of God

There is nothing like MAN OF GOD but SERVANT OF GOD. Those that GOD sends on an errand to GOD's children that is you. They are servants just like SERVANTS before them.

Home and Family

Financial Freedon

God told me to tell You to Grow some Brain Cells

Do you want to know what God told me to tell you? Well, come over and see what God told Ademola Adigun to tell you. Are you still contemplating? Click here.


Stop Right here and Renew Your Mind!

No matter how highly spiritual or Charismatic you are, you cannot serve God & walk in His ways if you do not constantly Renew Your mind. So Renew Your Mind.
Valentine Seed Sight Miracles

The Power of the Valentine Seed

May the Valentine SEEDS planted on 14th February land on a fertile ground, germinate and grow to manifestation. May the Valentine Seed be harvested safely come late October or November.
Sing a new song

You will sing a new song when the Wind of the Holy Spirit Blows

To sing a New Song, you Need the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit that enables you to Sing a New Song. What can you do without the Holy Spirit? Can you sing a New Song on your own? What does "sing a New Song" mean to you?
Don't accept empty Prophetic Proclamations. -

It’s Time To Stop Accepting More Prophetic Proclamations

Stop Accepting More Prophetic proclamations and wasting them this year, BUT start WORKING and putting these proclaimed BLESSINGS into action! Of what good are Prophetic Proclamations. when you can't put them into action?
Love, the Language of Woman

Wives: No woman is capable of snatching a happily married man unless…

No woman is capable of uprooting a happily married man out of his marriage unless that man has emotionally Checked Out and open to it.

Life Issues

Your Bible

When Was The Last Time You Opened Your Bible?

When Was The Last Time You Opened Your Bible? Is this a VERY Hard question? Do you think that your Daily Devotional is same as your Bible? Find out How...
Kindness Pays. -

When you Sow Kindness, You’ll Reap a Good Result

When you sow Kindness, life oftentimes helps you to reap a Good Result. Kindness can actually connect you back to your lost contacts. Kindness can also shape your destiny. Why don't you try kindness today and see how powerful it is.



Help: I am in love with my ex-husband

Dealing with an ex-husband can be tiresome, likewise, dealing with an ex-wife can be like trying to get a camel through the eye of a needle. But when you decide to fall in love with your ex-husband, one wonders why you made him an ex in the first place.