Can women love me irrespective of my Situation?

Love is a very crazy thing. It can make someone who is very intelligent to begin to behave like a novice. Love can be healthy or very dangerously toxic. A relationship that has its foundation hinged on monetary benefits would always turn sour.

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LIVE Twitter Party With Sandi Krakowski

Join the flow and enjoy the LIVE Twitter Party with Sandi Krakowski. Share the tips and the moments with Sandi Krakowski. Enjoy Some Twitter Party Words of Wisdom from Sandi Krakowski. Sandi Krakowski is one of the World's Top Social Media Influencers: Forbes Top 20 Social Media Influencer, Spiritual Influencer


Gay Marriage in Africa, USA and the World

Gay marriage discussions are gradually dividing the Christian community. Humanity must not fight to be recognised. Gay Marriage is not a do or die affair.
Pope Benedict XVI. -

Will Pope No. 266 be Nigerian or Ghanaian?

Following the shocking announcement of Pope Benedict XVI announced to the 1.2 billion Catholic Faithful yesterday of his intending resignation as the 256th Pope. Should the World be looking forward to the election of an African Pope?

The DEATH of Compassion in Christianity

A very attractive concept in Christianity to me is Compassion. Compassion is not only giving. It is feeling and acting from that feeling. It is being there.
Partnering with God -

Partnering with God & the Holy Spirit

The benefits of Partnering with God cannot be overemphasised. Partnering with God sets you apart and puts you on a pedestal that many would never attain. Partnering with God open unlimited doors. What are you waiting for, try it today.
Temptation Boyfriend

How to Stay One Step Ahead of Temptations

Temptations comes to everyone naturally in life. Do you want to be One Step Ahead of the enemy? Then you MUST know how to aggressively endure and resist temptations.

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Sandra and her flamboyant New York Rat

Sandra and her flamboyant New York Rat

Sandra and I have been having some great Fun, until her Rat come into the picture. Please Sandra, how did we get here naked and all rat out.
Words from a sister

Help, I slept with my Sister’s Husband on Valentine’s Day

The story you are about to read is about a 26-year old Girl, who was insatiable with the help her  32-year old sister renders...



Help! Can I marry my Mother’s Boyfriend?

When your closest confidant asks you this question, "Please can l be able to marry my mother’s boyfriend?" What would be your candid advice? Be Truthful...