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Pastor, who should I marry?

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A Pastor is the shepherd of God’s flock on Earth. A Pastor is meant to be the father of the congregation. The Pastors are supposed to be the guardian and keeper of peace, but when we in our enthusiastic and sycophantic ways turn our minds to our pastors and relate God to the background, the Pastor becomes a “god” to us and we forget who the Almighty God, Our creator is.

  • Pastor, who should I marry?
  • Pastor, is my partner responsible for my failure in life?
  • Pastor, is it safe for me to remain in a physically and emotionally abusive marriage?

These questions are among the many salient ones we ask our Pastors these days. Our faith or belief has deteriorate to the level of us asking our pastors how to live our lives. Many homes have been broken due to the fact that many have reposed their TOTAL faith in men of God instead of the Almighty God.

There is this story of a wonderful couple I used to know couple of years ago. They were happily married, living a life of luxury, a world that was full of plenty to the extent that no one believe such a happy family could face permanent separation…

Perfect couple they were, the husband, a very handsome, tall and dark complexioned. And the wife can aptly be described as a goddess, she is very beautiful. I used to look up to this family as a child and in my innocent mind I prayed to have someone like him as a future husband, I was in my early teen and I dare not talk to my mum about a future husband if I don’t want her to roast me alive.

A year after their marriage she gave birth to her mini me, an angel to behold. The baby brought lots of joy to their home and before you say Jesus wept another child came in.

To cut a long story short, God bless them with more children and their wealth began to increase phenomenally.

My Pastor my min god!

As devout Christians, their passion for Christ Jesus made them adore their Pastor like mini god. Due to her Christian belief you will never see the wife with earrings but trust me, she is so endowed, jewel or not.

She was given many prophecies at different times to pray and perform some prophetic moves so as to secure her home but her own belief in Christ made her turned a deaf ear.

The problem started when her husband began to harass their house-help sexually, as if that was not enough, he extended this nefarious activities to the Church.

She reported the case to their Pastor and all he could say was “the wife’s family were responsible for her problem” and from that point things began to fall apart. Problem set in between the couple and gradually they began to drift apart culminating in her being informed on returning from an outing one day that the husband has given a very strict instruction that under no circumstance must she be allowed in to the house again.

That was how she lost her home to a strange woman from the same church that got pregnant for her husband.

What did the Pastor do?

Logically, your next question would be what did the Pastor do? Nothing! Absolutely nothing!

My only advice here is there is nothing wrong in you seeking your Pastor’s advice but never turn them to your god, whose words you will now tends to hold sacrosanct. When we do this we have turn them to our Idol and we should always remember that we are serving a God who can never share His glory with anyone.

Build a relationship with God not just your Pastor

Note: don’t be afraid to build a relationship with God, He will treat you the way you see Him. Call Him friend and He will remain loyal, call Him your love, ahh…He will suffocate you with love. Call him father, provider, protector or whichever way you see Him and He will duly reciprocate. That is how awesome He is.

As for me Anointed, God is the ultimate of my life, the centre, my strength, my seer, watchman, mouthpiece, lover and the only owner of my soul, the only person that can keep me awake all night to write as he dictate to my ears as if I’m in a class room and still get up at the normal time to perform my duties as a mother to my children.

My life became simple from the day I sold my heart to Him. I can’t but bless God for giving me the best man any woman will ever ask for, he has never questioned me about my holy romance with God to be honest, I love God pass my boo!

Please look out for more write ups from His pot of wisdom.

Written by: Esther Palmer

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