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Pastors and the Temptation of Brother Saul

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Pastors are wonderful set of People. Pastors are there to keep us in the straight and narrow path. Pastors are there as Shepherds to guide us the sheep.

I have read severally that anointing attracts. It attracts the good and the bad. I do not believe most of what I read. But I am tempted to believe this.

In the past weeks, it has been Pastors caught raping minor or sleeping with this and that. Of course such news is attractive that is why it makes it to the headlines.

Many Pastors are doing wonderful things. And many live as virtuous a life as can be expected of humans under a collar. They are imprisoned by the Gospel and therefore slaves to righteousness.

I am rarely able to blame Pastors when they sin. They are as human as I am. And sin is sin despite our attempts at scaling. But I am also for owning up and taking responsibility.

I experienced a turnaround when I banished the Devil from my space and decided that I was wholly responsible for my actions. And its consequences. I became loose from wiles and manipulation.

Should Pastors marry more than One?

The rate of scandals of the flesh is alarming. Is it time we allow Pastors or Anointed men more than a wife since anointing attracts?

Should we look beyond the lies and allow prostitution for many that are unable to exercise control or what?

Folashade Oshun opines that preaching Christ Jesus might be the best way out. Hera her:

  • How do you sieve salt from sand?
  • How do you separate wind from whirlwind?
  • How do you chase Mammon from altars steeped in blood and filthy lucre?
  • How do you reclaim the good old way of the Cross from the current babel of demons masquerading as angels of light?

“Simple…… Preach Christ and the core essence and purpose of life without the distractions of materialism. Bring the scriptures back in their simple and unadulterated form…

Begin with accountability and probity…Institute the servant-leadership template among the Church’s many Elders just the way Jesus did it.. Preach, live and exemplify hard work, real hard work, sacrifice and commitment as the cornerstone of real faith…Expunge the precepts of men in the interpretation of the word and maybe…Just maybe…..” she concludes.

Now back to you;

  • How do we bring back sanity to the Church?
  • How do we take men’s minds of materiality and its derivatives?
  • How do we reconstitute our churches to allow proper management as it was in the old?

Many worrying questions? Answers anyone?

Written by Ademola H Adigun
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