Run with the Vision!!!

Poems for the E-generation by Todi Adu

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WHen your phone becomes your lover

PAuFun Funny e-lover

Aged? Whatever

It don’t matter

6 or sixteen u got me hooked onto you

I miss you friend, warm thoughts of you permeate my mind

No I dont imagine we hold hands, maybe we never will see

The only way you reach me is by skype

You kinda come in through teamviewer

Love courses through my beings. Yes I love you like that

I am kinda hooked to hearing your voice

I thought I was immune

It started with you being addicted to mine

SOmehow you have managed to deposit it in my court

Your laughter is your sport

I find that really fun

Sometimes funny

The only access I have to you are SnapChats, whatsApp and FB Messenger

Your work doesn’t let u speak to me

Lull me to sleep? Would you consider that a compliment if I said speaking to you makes me doze, probably not if I Don’t explain.



Hey e lover

Did I say I am in love with you, to be honest yours is an addiction maybe a bit unhealthy

There ain’t nothing like the real thing baby…..

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