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Positive Courage In Biblical Times

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Positive courage takes our mind to those acts and ways of life of people that we ought to emulate. In Bible times, there are many men and women who exhibited great attitude of Courage in all they did and we have seen examples of the exploits that they carried out.

We have seen how Courage can lead to the Miraculous, We have also seen the effects of Positive Courage and Negative Courage, as part of the June 2013 Synchroblog – Ordinary Courage, we will continue the discussion on Simple Courage, and would take a look at:

Examples of Positive Courage in Biblical Times

  1. God and His Creation: It was with great courage that God created the Heavens and the Earth with mere words and further invited the angelic hosts in the creation of Man; even though He knew that man will misbehave in future.
  2. Prophet Elijah: According to the Bible in 1 Kings 18, the Bible made us to understand that it took great courage for one man to challenge thousands of idle worshipers to a sacrificial duel. At the end, God showed that He is God.
  3. Joseph: it took courage for Joseph to tell his family of his dreams. Though his brothers tried to imprison his dreams, but God set him apart and made him ruler over all.
  4. King David: The life and time of David is a great example of courage in action. It took a lot of courage for his father – Jesse to forget that he had a son named David. It also took a lot of courage for David to kill Goliath and also do all the exploits he carried out in War. In all his lifetime, David’s courage lead to God declaring that “David is a man after His heart”.
  5. Timothy: At a very young age, Timothy showed courage in listening and learning the Word of God. It was only the grace of God and courage that lead a young boy to have more interest in the study of the Word of God instead of going out to play like every other young person.
  6. Paul and Silas: The Ministry of these two disciples were almost put on hold when they were forcefully beaten and put into the prison. It took Positive courage for them not to relent in praying and praising God. The result (exploits) were that there came an Earth shattering quake that destroyed all the shackles in their hands and legs, and also the saving of and conversion of the Prison keeper and his household.

These are just few examples of Positive Courage in Biblical times. There are many more to come, but we will look at the Negative Courage in Biblical Times, and then also see the Results of having Ordinary Courage.


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  • Take a look at the Woman of Zarephath. Even though she was a Widow, had an almost dying son out of starvation, a mistress of a household (1 Kings 17:17), The Lord God still had a space for her in His history.

  • avatar Yemisi Oladehin says:

    Sarah,Rebecca,Deborah,Judith,Ruth,Esther of the Bible showed extraordinary bravery during a time when women were regarded as mere chattel with no rights and little respect. Their qualities of Courage and Strength are Inspirational

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