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Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Considering Relationships

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Earlier on in our first series of: Let’s Talk Relationship: Can Christian Be In A Relationship?, We got to an understanding that –

You cannot successfully carry out a commitment or vow with some-other person that the LORD has not ordained for you. It’s impossible.

We talked about our relationship with our FATHER, Our Saviour and Our Comforter who dwells in us, and how many people now view relationships (Boy/Girlfriend palaver).

Now we are going to go in-depth into relationship as it pertains to all.

So you were in a relationship for 2 years and you call that a success even though you have broken up with the other party, you are deceiving yourself!! It’s either you are still immature and incapable of handling reality or you are just working on Ignorance…

So you like someone?!… Big wow, you really do not have to go out with everyone you like – you know, infact you really do not have to go out with ANYONE until you are ready for that thing called ‘Marriage’… and please don’t give me that rubbish excuse girls tell themselves…

“How do you know men if you do not go out with them?!” Crap!!… If you want to know about men: read books, study your brother and if you don’t have a brother, ask your father endless questions about men! Or better still ask GOD who is the creator of all to give you a download of who men really are!

Errmm don’t you have guys as friends, talk to them, study them… you certainly don’t have to be in a relationship to know what men are capable of!

Few questions you need to ask yourself before considering relationships:

  • Am I old enough for this?
  • Okay! Maturity doesn’t come with age, and then ask yourself: Am I matured enough for this?
  • Can I handle myself not to talk of handling another person who wants to be in my life?
  • How capable am I when it comes to handling break ups?
  • Wait a minute! Why do I want to be in this relationship?For fun, s.e.x or because I am being led into it?
  • Could it be because I want to be like my friends?
  • Am I being pressured into this by my parents? Or
  • Is it for marital purposes? Or
  • Am I so obsessed with this fella/girl that I think I would lose him/her if I don’t go into a relationship with her now?

Lets get your thought and see where we have gone wrong and how to redress our steps.

To be continued…

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