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Re-created for Greatness: By Evangelist Francis Boafo [Book Review]

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Re-created for Greatness is a reminder to all Christians on what is needful if they must get to that point of achieving their Quest for the Promised Glory of God.

Evangelist Francis Boafo passes on the message that “any outwards expression of our perceived Christianity that deviates from Christ’s character is pure ungodliness”.

Being religious and acquiring all religious titles and zeal in religion does not make one righteous neither does it guaranteed being re-created for Greatness.

In our quest for the Promise of God and being re-created for Greatness, it is dangerous to Presume God-like attributes. Many Christians claim Godliness and the call of God, yet they live far away from and maintain a life that lacks divine favour and focus.

Surrendering wholly to the Holy Spirit is the only way to rebuild the link with God, because, to gain the Holy Spirit’s strength to stay true with God, you must submit and surrender completely to God through Jesus Christ, and this is the quest for the promised Glory for anyone who is eager to be re-created for Greatness.

This book – Re-created for Greatness: The Quest for the Promised Glory, was a great read, because it has several hidden treasures that if well harnessed, could make up more than one book. To this end, this book has inspired me so much in researching on the Characteristics of Ungodliness and Holy Spirit Transformation.

Lessons from Re-created for Greatness

In Interacting with the Source of life, one must be able to identify what he or she believes to be the Source of Life. This will help in making up their mind on becoming ready for the Kingdom Preparation.

It is only people who value and want to become part of the Jesus Generation and full of Kingdom Mindedness that can be able to stand on the Convergence of the Kingdom of Heaven and Change.

As the Kingdom demands Change, it is the Holy Spirit that is in charge of Handling the fears and pains of Change that is needed in being integrated into the Kingdom of God and Heaven.

Your Approach to God’s Kingdom will determine if you will make it to Kingdom Anointing or remain in your Mundane Religious Christianity or finally embrace the Power of Love of God through Christ Jesus.

What really held my attention while reading this book – Re-created for Greatness: The Quest for the Promised Glory, were the invaluable hidden treasures that the Author – Evangelist Francis Boafo, scattered inside the book.

The information in this book were great, but needed more refining in order to bring out the juice contained in it.

It is important to note that when you are divinely transformed, your life becomes renewed and there are behavioural changes that conforms to the ways of Christ Jesus. It is said that the outward transformation authenticates/confirms the inward reconstruction.

I would surely recommend this book – Re-created for Greatness: The Quest for the Promised Glory to anyone who is ready to study and refine or review works, as there are many thoughts in the book that would aid one to either start writing or become an Author.


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