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Relationship Q&A

Relationship is the greatest area or aspect that never grows old. Life is all about relationship.

From inception to conception to delivery, the bond created and upheld by Relationship sees us through.
The simple things of life begins in a small state of Relationship, and gradually blossoms into lasting Love, happiness etc.

Here we take a look at Relationships and how to go about creating and upholding Our Relationships as it infers with our lives, Love and lifestyle, Family and Parenting and even discussions on Matter of the Heart as relates to Relationship, Relationship Breakups, and Relationship Advice etc.

Learn to play important part in shaping people’s Relationships and life.


I was married to my Ex Husband for 6 years but because he was not meeting up and was constantly in financial problems, my family encouraged me to divorce him.


When a woman loves a man, she is more like a Slave to her Love. When a Woman closes her mind to Love, FEAR GOD!!

Can I trust my husband again, after he impregnated his Ex-Girlfriend and blamed the devil, and has refused to acknowledge his faults. Help, I am confused..

She has asked the Parliament to ADVISE her and the husband…

Her mother recently took ill and her siblings have been on her neck to come home THIS WEEKEND for a family meeting (on the best treatment option for their mother).…


He has asked the Parliament for an INTERPRETATION of what is playing out in his marriage…

His wife is about 15 years younger than himself. She had just left secondary school at the time he married her (having been married to a white lady before).…


The matter she brought today is about the STRANGE BEHAVIOR of her late sister’s husband. Prior to her elder sister’s death, she was living with her and the husband.

The sister was pregnant then, but it happened that most nights she likes to sleep in their sitting room.…