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Relationship Q&A

Relationship is the greatest area or aspect that never grows old. Life is all about relationship.

From inception to conception to delivery, the bond created and upheld by Relationship sees us through.
The simple things of life begins in a small state of Relationship, and gradually blossoms into lasting Love, happiness etc.

Here we take a look at Relationships and how to go about creating and upholding Our Relationships as it infers with our lives, Love and lifestyle, Family and Parenting and even discussions on Matter of the Heart as relates to Relationship, Relationship Breakups, and Relationship Advice etc.

Learn to play important part in shaping people’s Relationships and life.


She has written in to ask for help and advise about the father of her three sons. As at the time they met (which is about years ago)-he was a struggling young man, who desired to have her as a wife.…


The issue she brought before the Parliament is about her husband. All has been well in their marriage (of 3 years) so far but her husband complains that she makes no efforts to be friends with the wives of his friends.…


Airboney Omo-Jesu comes with another cracker on issues that many people (youths) have been unable to come to terms with. Dressing is an issue where many people tend to shy away from, but as usual, Airboney takes our mind to the issues as relates to YOU – A Christian.…


An Angel of My Heart

You are My Angel

This piece of Angelic writing is dedicated to you My Angel. You bring me Good news all the Time. Please never miss your place on the Line. You are an outstanding Angel that outshines ALL.

Welcome to a brand new day!…


Best Time for a Relationship - www.visionhub.orgWe have been talking about a Series on Relationship. We started with “Let’s Talk Relationship: Can Christian Be In A Relationship?“, we also talked about some Few questions you need to ask yourself before considering relationships.

After that, we looked at  Part 2 of the Let’s Talk Relationship Series, with a touch on The Underpinning Consequences Of Relationships.…


Consequenses of Relationship - www.visionhub.orgOn the Continuation of our Series on “Let’s Talk Relationship: Can Christian Be In A Relationship?we present to you – Let’s Talk Relationship 2 – The Underpinning Consequences Of Relationships.

Seasons greeting to all who are reading this!…