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Review of Make it Happen by Lara Cease

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This is a book Review on”Make It Happen”, written by an Award winning Writer – Lara Cease.

Waooo I picked up this book – Make It Happen, by Lara Cease, and despite the fact that it was too late in the night, I couldn’t drop it down because it encapsulated my whole being.

Reading through this encapsulating book Make It Happen, by Lara Cease and discovering her writing style, which makes you feel like you are having a conversation with someone right in front of you. The entire Book seems like a two way communication, where someone is talking to you and at the same time listening to the inner yearnings of your heart.

Lara Cease in this book, outlines that “In chasing the dream, we unknowingly miss the mark”. We are poised to hit the mark but in so doing, we have allowed the Mind, Body and Soul like a weaver drained of all the juice and energy. This energy should have been channeled to making us a better person.

Make it Happen by letting go of Fear

Fear can be a huge drawback, because it keeps you pinned to a particular spot and gives you all the reasons why you should not move away from that spot to make it Happen.

The best way to challenge and overcome your fear is to “meet your fear”.

Each chapter of the book comes with questions that beckons to your mind to answer. It’s like giving the caged bird an opportunity to fly by opening the cage and showing it how to fly again.

In order to make it Happen in your life, you need to sit yourself down and set your mind, attitude and everything towards achieving your goal and set objectives.

Do you feel empty? Then ask yourself these questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What am I?
  • What is my purpose in this life?
  • Why do I feel empty?
  • Can I make it Happen?

Look closely to 2 Cor 5:17, and see if you can get a glimpse of the answer(s) you need to make it happen in your life.

In order to Make It Happen, you need to gather all the lies that your mind has been feeding you, write them down and let God’s Truth set your heart free.

Recommending Make it Happen, by Lara Cease

I would highly recommend people to read this great book – Make It Happen, by Lara Cease. It’s an eye opener to the realities of life and how to handle life when you feel you are falling off the edge.

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