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Should Politics be left to Non-Christians alone? A Never ending debate.

Should Christians be advised to get involved in politics?Should we abandon the affairs of Politics in the hands of people cannot even trust themselves?What’s your take on Christians and Politics?
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Should Christians be involved in Politics? This is a never ending debate that has always been a hard bone for many to chew.

Christians engaging in politics has been a much debated issue, and a tough one at that. There is a saying that light and darkness has nothing in common. And many Christians believe that faith and politics do not get together.

Most believers have this (erroneous) believe that many Christians who are in politics have compromise their faith and they have also compromised the teachings and doctrine of Religion. As valid as these claims seems to be, it is completely wrong for Christians to abstain from politics.

When Christians do not take part in voting or running for political offices, they carelessly abandon the fate of the common citizens to those who can kill the country.

In Mark 12:31 God commanded us to love our neighbours as ourselves. These are clear mandates for cultural and political engagements. If you go through the Bible passages you will find out that God strictly instructed us (Christians) to take care of the poor, oppressed, the defenceless, the widows and the orphans (Isaiah 1:17, Jeremiah 22:3).

The need for Christians to be in politics should be obvious. But they should also showcase themselves in a way that people will say that they are qualified for the role. In proverbs 29:7, the Bible pointed out that only the righteous can consider the plight of the poor and that the wicked do not care at all.

In America the Christians are privileged to be in a Democratic Country where the people are the Authority. The painful truth for Christians is that they live under a Constitutional Democracy that shares power with unbelievers.

What should Christians know about Politics?

There are lots of things a Christian must know about politics. They are not limited to the following.

  1. Political parties Members go to church. You see, both the righteous and the wicked (politicians) go to church and it is not all that enter into church are Christians or Believers.
  2. As a Politician, argument (For or Against) does not show that you love your Country more than others.  For example, in Nigeria, we have seen where Politicians (both Christians and non-Christians) only talk and deliberate issues concerning the Nation, YET they do not take actions at all.
  3. A Christian must not be in politics for you to do what is right politically. It is God’s commandment that we pray for our Leaders and those in Authority.
  4. A Christian should not be discouraged for losing an election or have a feeling that they did not win because of some   perceived Kingmakers who are behind the election results.  2Timothy 1:7 says God has not given us a Spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

Christians might be the minority in politics but no matter how small they are, they should always make their light shine.

Christians should not only be a Group that affects the Nation’s economy, but also one with the potential to affect the Nation’s politics and Political Elites. They should not leave the future Generations in the hands of wicked and immoral men. (Mark 12:31).

Should Politics be left to Non-Christians alone?

Today, politics has left a lot of questions in our mouth. We see Christians who compromise their faith all because of money. We’ve seen Christians who for the love of money turn themselves into political toys for the so-called political godfathers. Christians should be the light that shines in the political darkness of every Nation.

Christians should not shy away from decision making in Politics, rather they should embrace Politics and help make things better.

It is important to Note that, because a Christian is in politics does not mean he/she should do what others do illegally. The Bible said that “we are the salt of the world”, so Dear “Salt of the World, do not lose your Taste and Identity”.

In my humble submission I strongly believe that Christians should strongly be advised to get involved in politics.

We cannot abandon the affairs of Politics in the hands of people cannot even trust themselves.

Thanks you.


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