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Explosive: Sleeping During Church Service is not Demonic

We have become accustomed to demonism that we attribute everything that happens inside a church including sleeping during sermon to be demonic. Find out why
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Sleeping is the natural act of shutting down the entire body system to enable Nature do some repairs. Sleeping is one of those processes that our body needs and when you deprive it of this all important process, you pay for it in many different ways.
One of the ways of paying for sleeping/sleep deprivation of the body is by dozing off or sleeping off, or nodding off in Church, when the atmosphere is warm and cozy.
So Dear People of God,  If on a Sunday Morning, you find One Brother or Sister dozing off while the sermon is going on, fret not, for he/she is not (on many occasion) demon possessed.
There are lots of things involved, and two prominent ones may be:
Their brain’s wavelength is being jammed by the voice of the Preacher, thereby triggering the hypothalamus to shut down the brain’s arousal signals and gradually causing the transition to sleep.
Take for an instance, sometimes when you are having a hair cut and the clipper is buzzing around your ear, it may trigger uncontrollable sleep.
Another factor to consider may be the Lack of Vitamin D.
Vitamin D deficiency can cause fatigue and extreme tiredness, which will in turn trigger the hypothalamus to do its Job.
Next time you find such a Christian Brother or Sister digging it out with sleep (whether their mouth are closed or not), comfort him/her, take them to the hospital so that their Vitamin D level can be checked and HELP rendered.
Everything must not be treated as demonic Powers or “their Village People”, sometimes a little Education can liberate us from curses caused by ignorance.

The Sleeping Joke

The Joke part now.
Examples abound in the Bible about people who slept. So take a look at the following:
• Adam slept and woke up married and missing a rib!
• Samson fell asleep and woke up bald and beaten!
• Jonah fell asleep in the boat and woke up wet!
• Eutychus fell asleep and woke up dead!
Have you ever fallen asleep during the Service? Or are you sleeping off as you are reading this?

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