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Special Excuse For Failure

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There is No Excuse for Failure

There is absolutely no excuse for you as a Child of God not to make it (impact your Generation) in any area of your life; to be what God wants you to be.

Right from the beginning, men have been giving unnecessary excuses for failure.

In Genesis chapter 3, Adam and Eve made excuses for disobeying God’s instructions.

As a Child of God, you don’t have to give excuses at all, because your God is not a God of excuse.

As a Student, you must study to show yourself approved. As clearly instructed in 2 Timothy 2:15. The Holy Spirit will ONLY help to remind you of “what you have studied. (John 14:26)

Do you think that you are poor? hmmmm don’t even think about that. According to 2 Thes 3:10-12; create jobs for yourself!

It is ONLY when you work, that you can get something to feed on.

You cannot be a millionaire with your salary. If you want, save all your salary, it will never make you a Millionaire. You must use your talent and abilities to create jobs etc.

Your millions starts from the little monies you make from your god-given talents and abilities.



Thank god for the Opportunity to read His words.

Thanks God for taking risks in accepting you as you are, into His Kingdom.

There are 1001 reasons and things that can make you not to prosper in life. Pray that:

  • Father open my eyes to your blessings in my Life.
  • Father let me heart, souls and being, begin to Prosper.
  • Father I surrender ALL to you, take my life and use it to your glory.
  • Father turn ALL my failures to success. In every area of your life that you have failed, this Senior Partner can turn them around for your good.

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