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Spring Forth Ideas that Speaks New Life

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Ideas are tiny things that makes life irresistible. Out of the tiny bubble of Ideas, God spoke and brought forth Life to the then plain Earth. In the beginning the Earth was void and the Spirit of God was hovering above the plains. God had to develop His Ideas and call them to Life.

As I looked through the window, I could see the sun widening its mouth to smile. Its smiles gradually radiating, widening as it spread its teeth… Ohhh what a lovely smile it gives with the resulting shines of rays of light shimmering through the surface of the earth.

It’s Spring I noted, as if the evidence is not well enough or not outside as could be seen by the list of people filing along the way with mouths beaming of smile. Even the blind could notice the smiles of the spring as it beckons its hands, pointing to the flowers as they gyrate in the knowledge that the rays of the sun would bring forth the needed food for their survival.

Does the Sun have Ideas?

How am I to know that the sun could be a perfect gentleman in this period, with all the flowers of the wild dancing and shaking their heads, hands and body in the admiration of the presence of the sun?

My eyes have not left the presence of the river as the rays of the sun not only blinds the uncovered eyes, but rings unity to the fishes and the creatures of the river and seas as they all gather to soak in the powers of the sun.

Even the birds of the Earth could not be left out in the creative control of the sun. Each bird I talked with has always given the response that the sun is the best thing to happen to them after the long cold wintery days and nights.

The sun has indeed been long awaited, as the cold winter days have taught the Earth and its inhabitants to learn to be conservative in all their doings. Who is to be blamed? I asked.

No one is to be blamed, for God created the Times and Seasons (Genesis 8:22) to help us understand that all things were made by Him and for His own Pleasure (Colossians 1:16). For when God sought the ideas of the Heavenly hosts to make and create the Earth, He wasn’t joking at all (Gen 1:1-3).

God’s spring of Ideas

All God wanted to do is to give life to the Springs of ideas that He has had for a while. The ideas of creating a replica of the Heavens where man would be given dominion to replicate what He (God) has done.

So God had to spring forth Ideas into life; For with His Words, the Earth was created.

It is therefore not enough to have ideas, but the ability to Speak Life into these ideas is what make the Ideas to come to life and to replicate what it is meant to do.

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