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Stop Right here and Renew Your Mind!

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It’s time to Renew Your mind. Don’t ask me why yet? Just relax and read this post, which is part of the February synchroblog “Renewal”.

We are created with a life that has a beginning and an end. You have a life that is constantly undergoing a process. When you Renew your mind, it enables your life to enter into this process of self-discovery and recover from its lost frequencies.

Each morning when you wake up, life presents itself directly on your face for A New opportunity to not only start a NEW day but to make amends of whatever we feel we didn’t get right a day before.

In the bid to make the most out of the life we have, we are called to that great mission to Renew our mind through the help of the Holy Spirit.

An old mind, a mind divided by many thoughts, both thoughts that are called for and uncalled for requires a constant fine tuning to enable it function properly.

Each day we live in this World is a constant reminder that ‘we are not of this World’ (John 17:16) but Ambassadors of God on this Earth. This unfortunately does not mean that we should live in isolation but make the most of our time on this earth towards being who God wants us to be and in constant praise to God.

No matter how highly spiritual or Charismatic you are, you cannot serve God and walk in His ways if you do not constantly Renew Your mind, and who else is in the right position to help remind you of the processes involved in the renewal of your mind, than the Holy Spirit.

Renew your Mind by the Holy Spirit

Transformation is the divine reconstruction that takes place inwardly when we focus on God though Jesus Christ and allow Him to take over our lives and remould us. The results outwardly seen by the manner of our lives, our attitudes towards others are like a light put upon the hill, we become a mirror to people on whom Jesus Christ is.

Transformation of Our lives can only come when we allow the Holy Spirit to Renew our mind and link us back to God.

Therefore when you are divinely transformed, your life becomes renewed and there are behavioural changes that conforms to the ways of Christ Jesus.

It is said that the outward transformation authenticates or confirms the inward reconstruction.

The process of Reconstruction and the ability to come to terms to renew your mind is once again seen during the time of Lent, a period when we remember the processes Jesus Christ went through in order to die for our sins and renew us back to God again.

The death of Jesus Christ on the Cross is the highest height of Renewal that a human can afford. Jesus Christ came as a man to die on the Cross of Calvary for our sake.

His death and resurrection during the celebrated period of Lent was and is still to bring man out of the shekels of sin and reunite him with a God his maker. (1Peter 3:18-20)

As we celebrate this year’s Lent, let us remember that it is only with a renewed mind that we can be able to talk and communicate with God freely. A mind that is constantly renewed by the Holy Spirit is like a communication channel that has no blockage, it has no call-drops and it always very clear and straightforward access to God.

When you genuinely focus on the Kingdom of God through Jesus Christ, you are set to apply the knowledge and the teachings of Jesus Christ towards becoming who God want you to be and you can only be ready to connect to God when you allow the Holy Spirit to Renew your mind.

The choice is up to you.

This post – Stop right there and Take time out to Renew Your Mind! is written as part of the February  2015 SynchroBlog: “Renewal!

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