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Successful Strategic Planning For Your Life

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Successful Strategic Planning For Your LifeI was listening to the word by Bishop TD Jakes and he was encouraging people to have Strategic Plans for their lives.

In his words, “Success is not intentional; you don’t just get your qualifications overnight”.

In getting qualified in every facet of life, it involves hard work, and you cannot work hard if you don’t have a laid down plan that will take you through the available routes using your available means to your destination.

That is to say that you must have a Plan, for Prosperity is based on a Successful Plan.

Gen 37, the Bible accounts that God revealed a plan to Joseph. This plan was not just shown to Joseph in complete (plain version), but in bits.

His plan was for Joseph to save the people of Egypt from an impending hunger. This plan did not just materialise one day, but as Joseph kept receiving the visions through dream, he kept mapping out the strategy of achieving his dreams.

  • It was not an easy battle for him. He had to almost pay dearly for having or being the one that this plan was pass through.
  • He was persecuted by those he cherished so much;
  • He was hated by even his own brothers;
  • He was sold to the Egyptians;
  • He was falsely accused;
  • He as imprisoned.

But alas, because of his faithfulness in his plans, Joseph was made the Prime Minister of Egypt. A big achievement for a foreigner in a foreign land (You will say).

Joseph would not have achieved all these if he didn’t have strategic plans beforehand. We should therefore learn to make strategic planning as a part of our daily life.

It is said/has been observed that most Christians are ONLY taught or are just passionate in knowing how to Pray. But prayer without planning does not work.

You have to lay your plan and then hand them over to God to do His Wish. No matter how many times you pray, if you do not have a concrete plan laid out, you are bound to fail.

Praying must be accompanied by planning and Works, don’t just rely on the fact that you know how to pray, but also put what you are praying in to practice and there is no way you can do this without a concrete plan.

Learn to strategically play your life to confirm to Gods principles. There is always a reward for your commitment to ensuring your relationship with Christ is “Rock-solid”. You shall surely live to celebrate.

If this has blessed you, why don’t you forward it to your friends and even your enemies. I am very much sure they will plan to pray for you effectively.

This article was adapted from an email sent in by Wilson Kehinde

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