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Synchroblog , a group of Christian bloggers who blog on mutual topics.


When God pulls your strings, you have no choice but to follow His lead.

As satan’s prank did not work on Jesus, 'it' became angry and has since exerted 'it's' anger and revenge on man. Jesus was able to rebuff satan’s pranks....

When the topic for July SynchroBlog was announced, I thought I was being pranked into thinking about pranks that are significant to our lives as Christians.

Positive courage takes our mind to those acts and ways of life of people that we ought to emulate. In Bible times, there are many men and women who exhibited great attitude of Courage in all they did and we have seen examples of the exploits that they carried out.…


Positive Courage: We have seen that it takes Positive courage for you to expect and have a Miracle in your life. We will also look at issues bothering Positive and Negative Courage, as we continue the discussion on Positive Courage, as part of the June 2013 Synchroblog – Ordinary Courage.…


When we talk about courage, the mind immediately roams to the act of bravery or heroic acts and moments.

Courage encompasses more than just being heroic but also about who we are and what we are and also those little ways we try to live our lives and sharing our experiences (both good and bad) to strengthen the faith of someone or lead someone to the straight and narrow way.…