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I have given up on Christians. Why have I given up on Christians? What led to this? Find out and search your heart if you are not part of the causes.

In today's 21st Century, Christianity has assumed different meanings. This Guest Post highlights some of the misconceptions and ills that are gradually drenching into the Christianity we have today.

Religion strives in an atmosphere of desperation, discontentment, poverty and greed. Remember, there is a GREAT difference between religion and true Christianity.

  • A true Christian does not join the bandwagon;
  • A true Christian is not greedy and is content with whatever he has;
  • A true Christian does not seek for undue miracles;
  • A true Christian does not pray for the death of his enemies; rather, he prays that God delivers them;
  • A good Christian does not seek for prosperity by all means; he remembers that God will bless the works of his hands.

Dominion AirlineWelcome to Dominion Airlines (Latest from the NIGERIA Christendom).

It is very easy to fall into BLIND arguments when it involves Religion as it pertains to Nigerian Christianity or Christianity as practiced by Nigerians in Nigeria and all over the World.…


The Private Jet Frenzy

The Private Jet Frenzy

Being a Priest, Pastor or Bishop comes with it certain characters and conduct expected of the Clergy by God Almighty and of course the people. In the scriptures, Priests were depicted as very Holy persons who constantly sought the face and presence of God.…


There is No Excuse for Failure

There is absolutely no excuse for you as a Child of God not to make it (impact your Generation) in any area of your life; to be what God wants you to be.

Right from the beginning, men have been giving unnecessary excuses for failure.…