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Text: Psalms ch34 vs1-10.

Covenant is an agreement between two people or more, God can make covenant with a man, a man with another man and finally a man with the devil.
An example of God with man covenant: An example is the covenant between God and Abraham and God and David.

God is a covenant keeping God. Covenant is an agreement between two or more people/beings.

God can make or enter a convenant with Man and Man with God. Man can also enter into a convenant with the devil either knowingly or unknowingly.…

Killers of commitment

In this race of the Kingdom commitment, there are certain things that will tend to make you fail or pull you down. It is very important that you focus on your main aim, which is to do the work of Him that sent you – God.…

The first thing you would ask yourself is “What is Commitment?

Commitment could be defined as “In-dept or total involvement in anything one does”.


Having said that, what then is Kingdom Commitment?
One can say that Kingdom Commitment is “being zealous in the things of God with knowledge”, or simply put, Kingdom Commitment is “being totally involved in the work of the Kingdom of God”

Like Jesus made us to understand in the book of Luke 9:62, Kingdom Commitment is the Main Key to everything you want in the Kingdom of God.


As a continuation of the series – Let Wisdom Speak, lets examine some of the Men in the Bible who exhibited the Wisdom of God.


Men who exhibited the Wisdom of God


There are many examples in the bible of men of old who exhibited the wisdom of God or who properly utilized the wisdom that God gave them.…

Let Wisdom Speak

1 Does not wisdom cry out, And understanding lift up her voice?(Proverbs 8:1, New King James Version)

It’s wisdom that makes people think of doing things together, just as in Genesis chapter 11. This shows that what-so ever we purpose in our hearts, we have the ability to carry it out.