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Take it to God the Ultimate Fixer

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God the Ultimate fixer is more than able to fix it all!

The biggest problem confronting us today irrespective of religion, creed or gender has to do with our inability to TRUST God completely and absolutely. By displaying and practising childlike FAITH in Him, all that we considered as insurmountable problems will look like nothing.

He gave us His words to always be there for us, so why do we fret? Why do we think about our problems and forget His promise. Is there anything impossible for him to do?

Questioning the Ultimate Fixer

We know what God has said about us, we know that God has great thoughts about us, and has always made it clear that His thoughts for us are good. Instead of holding still to the words and promises of God concerning us, what we do is asking some questions without and end:

  • How do I cope in this time of recession?
  • Who will support me as a single parent?
  • Who should I approach for help to settle my bills?
  • My marriage is at the brink, how do I fix it?
  • My health is deteriorating every minute, can I survive it
  • Tomorrow’s meal is not certain etc…

These and many more are questions frequently asked by folks today, and which have the capability of leading to depression or suicide. The unfortunately thing here is: we are fixated with the questions whilst ignoring the ultimate fixer!

Live our faith in the Ultimate Fixer

How do I preach or how do I console someone in need when I don’t have solution to the myriad of problems they are grappling with? We all wake up and retire to bed with loads of things on our minds.

Chiefly among which are financial and health and it is trite to say money cannot buy good health because one way or the other we have individually and collectively confirmed this at various times.

Marital turbulence which is the hot cake in town now what with divorce and separation flying around like it is going out of fashion! The bible does not promise a perfect life but encourage us to face it with long suffering and with the promise of glorious end and a beautiful Crown in heaven.

My major concern here is how we tend to forget the Ultimate fixer anytime we are in problem but focus more on the problem instead? We kinda nurse the problem than casting it unto Him who can fix it. (Matthew 11:28). The book of Ecclesiastes (Ecclesiastes 1:9) confirmed there is no new thing under the sun which implies that none of these issues are new. No one is problem free, we all face it one way or the other.

 The Ultimate Fixer is more than able!

Even as Christians we are guiltier of this than the so-called unbeliever. I consider this a great sin and the question is how we are different from unbelievers? We put our problems ahead of seeking Him – the Ultimate fixer, asking rhetorical questions that have no answer, how can God allow this to happen to me? Why me? But I never fail with my tithe etc.

Instead of sojourning into the abyss of these endless questions without answers, our first response should be – “it is well”, and there and then take everything to the Ultimate fixer.

Since we can’t fix this problem by ourselves then the most logical thing is to take it to the one who can fix it (Matthew 11:28).

Remember, your mechanic is the first that comes to mind when you have issue with your car and your Doctor is the first to consult you have health issues and our lawyer is the first person to contact if we have a personal case or legal advice.

The great Ultimate fixer is always there and ever willing to fix it up for us, let us endeavours to take our burdens to Him. We should contact Him first in our prayer to direct and show us the way before any further move.

God bless you as you remember the Ultimate Fixer in all you do.


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