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Thanksgiving – a Miracle booster

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The Thanksgiving that produces Miracles

We give thanks to God for the marvelous things He has done in our lives. For being alive daily; and for the benefits of being present on a daily basis; for seeing our families; for the ability to wake up daily, go to work, and be back safely; for our safety on a daily basis; for many countless things He has done for us.
It gives God great joy to receive our thanksgiving, but only when it is properly given.
The Psalmist in Psalms 103:1 -5 constantly gave thanks to God. It is therefore very important that we ask ourselves the question:


Why should we give God thanks?

We should continually give God thanks because He is the one that:

  1. Forgives all Iniquities.
  2. Heals all diseases and sicknesses.
  3. Redeems our lives from destruction.
  4. Crowns us with His loving kindness and His tender mercies.
  5. Satisfies our mouth with good things.
  6. Renews our youth like the eagle’s.


  1. It is God’s expectation that we should give Him thanks. (Psalm 50:12-15)
  2. Because it is inherent in the nature of man to give God Thanks. (Luke 12:16-20)
  3. Because thanksgiving, brings more of God’s favour to us. (Luke 17:11-19)

How Should we Give Thanks?


According to the Psalmist (Psalm 96:1-4), we should give thanks to God by:
  1. Singing and prising God with great songs and hymens.
  2. Making a joyful noise to God.
  3. Testifying of His goodness and mercies.
  4. Verbally expressing our thanksgiving to God.
  5. Giving gifts to God.
  6. Giving God quality Offerings.
As we have reached the second half of the year, let us make it a point in our lives to give God quality thanksgiving that would produce a miracle in our lives.


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