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The African Christian Rulers and the arrogance of Leadership

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Recently, one of the highly placed African Christian Ruler openly said that He built his personal University (Which is registered in the name of ‘his’ Church) with his personal Money and never with either the tithes or proceeds from offerings and donations from all his Church Units around the World.

This statement was seen in many quarters (yours sincerely included) as unfortunate, extra arrogant, preposterous, pompous, very misinformative and a calculated attempt to rubbish the efforts put in by many people who have religiously followed the teachings of many men of God.

Many Christians and those who do not believe in the brainwashing of the Saints saw it as a very good exposition of the arrogance of leadership, coming from a mouth that has thought its followers to behave in the manner of Christ Jesus. But as the saying goes, “you can cure a madman of madness, but you can never take away the occasional chitchat he has with the spirits.”

A few days ago, another foundation laying ceremony was conducted by the President of the most populous Black Nation on Earth, of another privately or best said personally owned University. This Private University is believed to be built by the Church, but as the case is known, it would also end up as a University built not on the sweat of the Church members, but on the personal monies of its founder.

The spate at which many African Christian Rulers or high classed Self-styled spirit-manipulative Leaders are showcasing Christianity in Africa, Nigeria and wherever their “Business Branches” are located, gives off a repugnant odour of the promotion of backhanded secularism aimed at rubbishing the Ideas and Tenements of Christianity as promoted by those that risked their lives to make sure that our “primitive way of worshiping God in Africa” is replaced by a more direct and modern way of getting to God in a more personal way.

These Missionaries brought with them the humility and sincerity of purpose and service to the less privileged. They set up Institutions like hospitals, educational Institutions etc., giving their time, money, energy in ensuring that Africans vis-à-vis the Nigerians whether converts or not, get the best Education etc., and to crown it all, it was FREE Education, FREE Healthcare etc., all fully paid by the monies and donations given by people from their home Countries and far and near.

These selfless services were never done to set themselves up as “gods” nor done for profits, but to help propagate the Word of God, and also give people a better life. These Missionaries never thought of acquiring Wealth nor commonising their Members and reducing them to just cash cows.

But today, the case is different. The average African Christian Ruler has his mind set at amassing a ‘contorting’/controlling number of wealth and making sure they showcase these wealth in a variety of ways. They have thus turned the Church into personal Businesses and have never failed to show off their arrogance.

Many of these African Christian Rulers are gradually opening up to us that the reasons of building their Institutions on the back of the ‘ordinary’ Church member is to help them attain a height that no other member is allowed to attain.

At this height, they must assume the position of ‘The Lord and saviour’ of the people they RULE and are allowed to be worshipped as they are the only persons allowed to see God on the behalf of their church followers. They make people to believe that “miracles” can only be done by them and possibly in the use of their names.

Little wonder the uproar that is the case whenever an ordinary Church member dares to question some activities of these highly placed African Christian Rulers.

One would be tempted to start counting the number of private Universities, Private Primary and Secondary Schools, Private Hospitals, Private Institutions, Private Businesses, Private Jets, Private Airlines and Private Wealth that these self-styles African Christian Rulers are amassing.

Little wonder their words are seen as Laws by people or their followers, who have been conditioned to think that “Papa or Mama” is meant to be floating in the Kingdom of Wealth, while the Church members who continuously strive to save a little of their hard earned resources in order to see something to give during the Church Services are meant to be floating in the mind-set that things would be THIGHT for them if they refuse to part with their earnings.

While I strongly believe that “Giving” is a Biblical Injunction, an Ordinance and Order given by God as written in many chapters of the Books of the Bible, I do not however believe in the psychological misguidance as handed out to many members/followers that their present problems or conditions are as a result of the level or inability of their parting away with their Monies.

I would not fail to point out that Not all African Church Leaders are Rulers, and also that many African Church Leaders strive to maintain sanity in their lives and teachings, however, the bad eggs are now in the majority, and the repugnant odour given off by these bad eggs are seriously affecting the breathing of the Saints.

We can only pray that the average African Christian who have been constantly innuendoed with the mind-set that money is everything as they see their Governors, Rulers and all showcase, would wake up someday from their hypnotised sleep and open their Bibles to read the truth.

Now is not time to fight the Author, but a time to look inwards and see if you are truly a Child of God that does what Jesus instructs us to do through the Bible.

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