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The biggest Enemy mitigating against Your Success is You

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Fear is an Enemy. It grips you and takes hold of you. It makes you to do things that are unimaginably fearful. It makes you Your own enemy. Fear makes you pray some prayers without understanding and out of the scope of the Will of God.

“May God destroy all my enemies. May Holy Ghost fire consume them. All bloody witches and wizards, may God blind them. All road thirsty demons, may God strike them.”

If you said the prayer above today in Church, be worried. Be fearful. The biggest enemy mitigating against success of yourself is you.

No one succeeds by looking outwards. No one that allows externals control his situation without deploying the right rudder or sail can get anywhere.

The focus on externalities is a reason why your Pastor is extremely rich and you just getting by or poor. You see he has made your fears and worries a market to exploit. So every Sunday, Wednesday and Tuesday he has you as a source of income.

He gives hope to you and request you pay for it. It is a transaction. All you get are flowery words and exaggerated quotes from books he has read that you should be reading. Laces up with some Old Testament quotes and serves it.

Enemy within?

Look inwards. Christ is crucified once. Fear and afflictions crucified with him. That is a given if you are a believer.

You know the differential. You! Your response to situations, your procrastinations, your spending more than you earn. Your believe in the Occult. Staying on the couch not exercising. Eating junk food. Not accepting what you can’t change as a constant and then find ways to cope with it.

There is no ancestral curse. Why in any case do ancestors only have curses? Why are they bereft of blessings? There are no flying cats that transform to human beings. That is for Nollywood and Hollywood. We write the scripts from imagination.

No one has power tomorrow more than you do. It is called response ability (responsibility) for a reason. Good and bad things happen to us all. That is why it is called life. Dont be the Enemy of Yourself.

Free your mind! Make decisions. Do not surrender control.

At the end we all go. So does it really matter?

Have a beautiful week!

Written by Ademola H Adigun
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