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The Dangers of Racism and Violence on the Society

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Whenever the word Racism, Race and Violence is voiced, many things calls to mind.

Many people have developed closed mind, closed ear, and closed brain when it comes to issues about Race, Racism and Violence. Some see it as a way of life, others see it as an avenue to exploit the less informed, while others see it as the best opportunity to help educate the masses.

According to this month’s SynchroBlog, “Issues of race and violence have crossed over the centuries. It’s embedded into human history and sometimes we think we’ve come further than we have.

The events in Ferguson are not just about Ferguson. They tell a bigger story, a story of racism and violence and power and division that is reflected not just in that one town in Middle America but in neighbourhoods, cities, the church, the world.”

This means that Race, Violence or the bigger picture of racism is almost a way of life for many people. Many were born into families that for centuries have been lying to themselves about what racism is. Either by way of segregating themselves from others or the way they view other people who are not from their self-afflicted Class or enclave.

Why we need to talk about Racism Now.

Just as I was pondering on what to write concerning this topic, I came across a topic raised by my local Radio Station on Racism.

“SHOCKING stuff on 98FMs Dublin Talks at the moment. Steve just told Adrian and Jeremy on air: “if my daughter arrived home with a black boyfriend, I’d tell her that relationship isn’t happening… its over””

This might look like nothing, but what brought about this was that earlier in the show, someone wrote in, expressing their disgust and worry about people from different races intermarrying or having relationships, and producing children.

Many took to the forum to display their displeasure on the originator of the post, some supported the view, saying that the children produced by such unions would have problems of being bullied by people (because of their colour), while others used the occasion to school many on the need to see beyond the colour of the skin and the live a life of accommodating all.

The issue of Race and Racism is not new around the World. Many people have been brainwashed into believing that their race is superior to the other. Many families have inculcated in their children that they are of a better breed than their mates, thereby passing on the hatred and madness of self-hate.

The recent events in Ferguson did not just start that same day, the people involved may have been indoctrinated into believing that people are toys that can be used and misused in any manner they like.

Those who have been trained to keep the public safe have now turned to become robots in the hands of hatred, racism and violence.

What will it profit a man to gain the whole World and yet lose his soul in the last day? (Mark 8:36 NKJV) What will it profit a man to see others as different from himself because they are not of same skin colour, or are not from his linage.

If all people can learn to live together in harmony, the problems of race, racism and violence would not be an everyday problems at all.

Many of the events happening now including the violence of religion, the Racism and other vices are not just there for the history books to read and remember, but they are part of what is prophesised that would happen at the end of time, thus they are signifying that the end of the World is near. (Matthew 24.12).

2 Thessalonians 2:1-12, Ephesians 6:10-20 and (2 Timothy 3:1-7). all these passages points to something, that the time is near.

For those who still believe that they are more superior to others because of the colour of their skins, I wish to let you know that When God created man, he did not create man with White Blood, Black Blood, Blue Blood, but created ALL MEN and WOMEN with RED BLOOD.

Any day someone proves that the blood that runs in their veins is NOT RED, then I will believe them when they bring that argument on Race. This is the best time to do away with the mentality of race, racism and violence. It does not lead anyone to Heaven.

This post – The Dangers of Racism and Violence on the Society? is written as part of the September 2014 SynchroBlog: “Race, Violence, and Why We Need to Talk About It!”, centring on our reflections about Race, Racism and Violence and Why We Need to Talk About It.

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