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The Death of Modern Christian Hospitality.

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Christians are enjoined to show hospitality to others. In fact it is a Commandment from God, and there is no debating on the matter. But as humans, we always find it difficult to obey the Words of God as outlined in the Bible.

The mind is always rebellious and must find ways to challenge the Biblical injunctions. Many Churches have come up with different doctrines to satisfy their own needs. But the Word of God still remains true.

We have looked at whether Christian Hospitality is a Dead Way of Life, and took a deeper look into many reasons and many burning issues as regards Christian hospitality. Here we continue to look into some of the reasons why we might be forced to think of the Death of Modern Christian Hospitality.

With what is going on around modern Christianity, one may be forced to say that Christian hospitality is Dead, dumped and buried.

If not so, why would a ‘man of god’ (emphases on the small ‘g’) continuously use several psychological means to arm-twist his congregation into parting with their valuables. Does that show love or just some get-rich quick schemes?

Why has greed, sheer wickedness and the urge for luxurious living suddenly blindfolded some Church Leaders to the point that they have made the proverbial “serving of tables and their bellies” their watchword?

Wherein lies the Christian hospitality, or that hospitality modeled by Christ Jesus, who was always passionate about His service to Humanity.

Some examples of Hospitality of Christ Jesus.

  • Feeding of the 5,000: Jesus Christ showed us example of hospitality by feeding the 5,000 (Matthew 14:13-21). He would have just fed himself and probably His disciples, but His compassion for the people made Him look for ways to not just feed them the World of God, but also meet their immediate physical need – hunger.
  • Turning Water into Wine: What was Jesus Christ thinking when he decided to turn water into wine at the wedding in Cana of Galilee? (John 2:1-11) Why did Jesus Christ start his ministry by that singular act? You may be having the same answers as I have, but I am sure you will agree with me that Jesus Christ may have done that miracle to help quench the thirst of the people, and also show that Hospitality is at the heart of God.
  • Calming the Troubled Storm: What must have been on the mind of Jesus Christ in Mark 4:39 when He spoke peace to the troubled sea? Was He thinking of the Disciples in the boat or the people whom He was to see later? Jesus Christ would have allowed His disciples to sort themselves out, but He had compassion and set them free from their fears.

Now as you reading this, let us try to also understand What the purpose of Christian Hospitality is, and see if we as Christians have a role to play.

This post – The Death of Modern Christian Hospitality is a continuation of Is Christian Hospitality a Dead Way of Life? which is written as part of the June 2015 Synchroblog:  Hospitality >> illustrating why Christians are called to imitate Jesus by being sacraments of God’s hospitality in the world.

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