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Hot Romance with the Dreams of the Sparkling Old Times

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We all have dreams and aspirations. Dreams of what we want to achieve in the present and the near future. Dreams of where we want to be; dreams of all of our achievements down the line and what we would use these achievements to achieve.

Dreams of a signed sealed and delivered lifestyle, so eagerly arranged that in all honestly, we feel they are water tight.

Dreams like every other thought we have would be mere words and fleeing thoughts if they are not put into action. And to commence action requires plenty of thoughts, planning and all.

To put the plans to action requires lots of efforts and all these efforts must be channelled through and backed up by the word of God to enable them come to fulfilment.

Little wonder people strive to work very hard to enable them achieve their dreams.

Bugs of Dreams

Some years back, I also caught this bug of dreams. I started cultivating the habit of dreaming and trying to live my dreams.

I have always seen myself as someone who would go the length and breadth of the World to get my dreams to fruition. But alas, no matter how many dreams we have packed into our dream box, if The Lord God Almighty is not part of or built into our dreams, they will all amount to nothing.

I have always wanted to be a Medical Doctor no matter what the syringe said. So I had my hopes, head and thoughts set on becoming the very best Medical practitioner know in my entire clan.

I didn’t just sit down and aspire. I went into action, trying my hands on all sorts of things medical. I became the diagnostic hot cake within my peers. During our entire out door plays, I will always choose the medical role.

All my best movies became medically inclined. I made sure that I buzz my whole life with medical related things and yes it all worked out.

In high School, I was still maintaining my medical-lined mind until I started growing a soft spot for electricity and electronics.

This romance with electrical and electronic gadgets, etc. became unphasing. It was a romance that no one thought would have taken over my aspirations and plans to become a Medical Doctor.

In the junior high school, all my artworks that were displayed during the art exhibition all carried elements of lightening, powered by either battery or a solution of battery graphite and concentrated sodium chloride.

I quite remember vividly events that propelled the proclamation of my love for electrical and electronics.

As a day student in the Secondary School, whenever I return back from School, I usually rush to an electrician’s shop just down the road from my house. I would stay there and tap into the light of his knowledge and end up electrocuting my mind into loving this flow of energy.

I would help him decouple some electronic equipment, check through the circuitry as he is doing the job and get a feel of how these things are lined on the circuit board.

Long story short, I ended up trying my first bed switch and your guess is good as mine on the dreams of the results.

Immediately I switched on my personally constructed bed switch, I had the spark of a life time. I had my friends come over to witness my first senior invention, but ended up getting the room full of a mixture of thick black and white smoke from the sparks that were ignited by the circularly.

Several other events in my life as a young teenager heralded my resolve to swing to the sides of Engineering. The love was so strong for this exalted profession, and to crown it all, when the University entrance exams were called, I got the greatest combination of shock and surprise.

Today I am a man that have achieved my dreams, it might not have been in the Medical field, as earlier on envisaged, but using my Engineering and Information Technology knowledge and trainings, I am also able to reach out to the sick, the broken, the bereaved, the poor and all that needs help; but these dreams could not have been CALLED to Life if it hadn’t been for God’s grace.

It’s high time we realised that God would have chosen anyone else to fulfil our Dreams, but He chose you to give you the Dreams. So get into line and get organised.

Get organised, set your goals and make your plans. You need to be disciplined if you are ever going to make your dreams come true. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

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