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Family Affairs/Effects: Should a Christian use Viagra?

Viagra can help correct dysfunction in men, the effects can also be deadly and aid in destruction of a home if misused.Then, we ask, should a Christian use Viagra?
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This topic, the Effects of Via-. g-r-a on  Man, Wife and/or Househelp is really very complex but we will have to break it down. First of all we need to come to the understanding of the word Via-. g-r-a and what is does and why people use it.

Via- g-r-a is a prescription medicine used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and impotence in men. Now coming back to the topic at hand : the effect of Via-. g-r-a on man, wife and househelp.

Effects of Via-. g-r-a on Man

In my experience the effect of this medication on man is that it will boost the stamina level of the man and give him extra energy. Most men who don’t have any dysfunction take this in order to make an impression to their women. But this can also make the man to be promiscuous or practice infidelity.

You might ask “how you mean“. Don’t worry we will talk about that as we progress.  The Bible in Hebrews 13:4 said “….that marriage is honourable in all, and the beundefiled: but whorsdemongers and adulterers God will judge“.

And also in Matthew 19:5 the Bible said “….for this cause shall a man leave his father and mother and shall cleave to his wife and they Twain shall be one flesh“. When a man goes against this bible passages he is already breaking God’s commandments.

The Effects of Via-. g-r-a on the Wife

The second issue in this topic is the effect of Via- g-r-a on the wife. In this part the woman was or will be expecting too much from the man without the knowledge of the fact that the man has been on enhancer.

Now the man will always try to impress the woman and any day or anytime he does not do that will be a problem for the woman. It will affect her sexually, mentally, socially and even spiritually.

And in most cases it might make the woman to practice infidelity in the bid to satisfy her sexual urge. The Bible said in Matthew 10:12 “…..And if a woman shall put away her husband and be married to another she committed adultery“.

The Effects of Via-. g-r-a on the House Help

This is the last part in the topic that we are dealing with and this part deals with a lot of issues ranging from

First of all we need to ask ourselves one question, what has the househelp got to do with this issues and why. If you can take your mind back to (i) you will find out that we talked about the man who is healthy but still takes Via-. g-r-a just to impress the wife.

The Bible said in Matthew 19:6 “…wherefore they are no Twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together let NOT man put asunder“. This is referring to the househelp who will allow her master lay with her.

This part in this discussion is very vast and very complex. It can make a man to become promiscuous and also make a woman to go into infidelity. When a promiscuous man takes Via-. g-r-a and the wife is not around or maybe traveled, that is where infidelity steps in. The man may stupidly lay with House help who might also be longing to do that or she might be forced into that by the man.

It can also affect the woman in the same way, in that when she feels the man is no longer satisfying her the way she wants it or the way the man used to perform, she may seek other means to satisfy herself; either by going outside or resort to the house boy who is at home with her, or even the driver. So either way it does not go down well.

So the effect of Via-. g-r-a can destroy a home and take away the promises and Blessings of God. The Bible said in Proverbs 6:32 “…..But whoso committeth adultery with a woman lacketh understanding, he that doeth it destroyeth his own soul“. The Bible cannot lie.

In my own suggestion Via-. g-r-a can help correct dysfunction in men, the effects can also be deadly and aid in destruction of a home if misused.

Then, we ask, should a Christian use Viagra?

Thank you.

Written by: Onyekachi Godswill Isinguzo

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