The New Year Resolution Dreamers

Commitment to God New Year resolution DreamersThe New Year Resolution Dreamers are one of the greatest set of personalities that has a greater possibility of either succeeding or failing in their daily course in the New Year.

Many of us fall into this category of personalities. We just flow with the waves of the New Year and dream along as each day and month draws by.

These New Year Resolution Dreamers personalities are people who live by Hopes, Dreams and aspirations (in a dream World). They live in the bubble of the day and flows with the day.

New Year Resolution Dreamers Club

Many Young people fall into this category, as they think that there is no need to worry, God will surely provide as we go along.

Just like a shopper without a well thought-out and well written shopping list, so is their own lifestyle.

Living in the now is a great thing, but a man without a plan is like a builder that builds on a sandy area, once the wind comes, he will be the one to lick his own wounds.

Living in a “Dream World” is great, only if you know how to make these dreams come to reality. How you may ask.

Every big break comes from a dream. Dreams are imaginations created in a bubble. These bubbles float from place from place and it’s only when you get the courage to pop these dream bubbles that you will be able to see the realisation of these dreams.

Please pay great attention to this:

“The realisation of your DREAMS are not a function of the bubble you busted.” ~ Loveday Anyim

The realisation of the dreams is on the WORK that you put into “dragging” these dreams from the dream world to the real word, and it really takes work and great determination to achieve these dreams.

So you can see that Dreaming is not a bad thing, but knowing how and when to bring these dreams to reality is what matters.

I am therefore calling all the New Year Resolution Dreamers to please find ways to at least write down the dreams you have and prayerfully know when and how to burst the bubble of your dreams in order to actualise your dreams and hopes.

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