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The New Year Resolution Planners and Achievers

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The New Year Resolution Planners and AchieversThe New Year Resolution Planners and Achievers are the best category of people who are very planning conscious, and take their time to think, rudiment, lay out their plans, write down their plans, hopes, dreams and aspirations.

The New Year Resolution Planners and Achievers research on their plans, set deadlines, wear discipline like a cloth, and move into action to achieve their set objectives.

For The New Year Resolution Planners and Achievers, fear or failure is never an option. They are in it to win it, and if they are not able to succeed, they take it as a lesson and move on.

According to Bill Cosby, “In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.

Many people do not or have not realised this, hence are not able to hold on and achieve their New Year Resolutions. But for New Year Resolution Planers and Achievers, this is just a tip of the iceberg. They are fully aware that they have just TWO options: “to start and to go all the way”. There is no in-between, and no doubting of their ability to conquer their fears.

The New Year Resolution Planners and Achievers and the 5Ps

I have always heard of the 5Ps of Success – “Prayerful Preparation Prevents Poor Performance”. Yes in all that you do as a New Year Resolution Planner and Achiever, it is important that you make way for the 5 Ps of Success.

To enable you meet up with your set Goals or Objectives, you can master the following:

  • You must have a Plan (whether a Personal Plan, Business Plan or Freelance Plan).
  • You must write down your Plans, Hopes and Dreams
  • You must research your Ideas/Business Area
  • You must set a Deadline for yourself
  • You Must be Disciplined
  • You must get your BACK SIDE off the seat.

Frankly, the 1st of January of every New Year is just another day in time and space. Nonetheless, a New Year affords us (and more especially the New Year Resolution Planners and Achievers) the opportunity to reflect on our activities, goals, objectives, set targets etc. in the fleeting year and to have time to reflect and resolve to improve upon our ways.

For every New Year Resolution Planners and Achievers who diligently practice the 5Ps of Success, and also mastered the Planning as outlined above, things will become as easy as abc.

Always remember that for you to achieve your New Year Resolution, you must take out some time to be grateful to God for the life you have lived in the outgone year, and identify the areas in your life, work, and profession etc. that must be improved in this New Year.

If there is anything you must remember this Year, even if you are not in the category of The New Year Resolution Planners and Achievers, you must etch this in your heart that you must:

  • Write down All your New Year Resolutions.
  • Scribble down how you intend to achieve these stated Resolutions.
  • Make sure you have a Plan of Action (PoA) that comprises of different sets of activities to help you achieve these objectives.
  • To avoid you faltering in your Resolutions, find someone who would hold you accountable.

If as one of The New Year Resolution Planners and Achievers, you want someone to hold you accountable, to help/enable you realise your set objectives, you also need to have a helpful heart.

Find time (from your busy schedule) to help others fulfil their own objectives.

In this New Year, one of my Resolutions is to help about 20 people or more realise their Dreams this year. This is to be achieved by partnering with YoutBuzz.Net

YoutBuzz is a platform that gives every Youth the opportunity to showcase their talents. We pride ourselves with giving everyone who desires to utilise their imaginative attributes to maximise their potentials.

YoutBuzz as the name goes is a “Movement” that helps bring out the Buzz and Swag in every Teen and Youth of all ages.

This Mentorship Project promises to work hand-in-hand with anyone interested (devoid of age, location etc.) in achieving their set objectives for the Year and beyond.

As one of the New Year Resolution Planners and Achievers, you are duty bound to be a blessing to others, because life’s fulfilment is derived by working to benefit the community and the service of humanity.

In all, whether you are in the category of The New Year Resolution Dreamers, The New Year Resolution Specialists Or even The New Year Resolution Planners and Achievers, for you to enjoy the New Year New Resolution to the Maximum, you MUST make sure that you make God your Major Mentor this year.

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