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The One Jesus Loves by Robert Cosby [Book Review]

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This is a book Review on The One Jesus Loves Grace is unconditionally given, intimacy must be relentlessly pursued, well written by Robert Crosby.

Robert Crosby comes across as a great writer as evident in this great book – The One Jesus Loves. This chronicles the great ways of identifying those who are truly in the Inner Circle of The Rings of Christ.

It is clearly evident that the writer seeks to let people or readers understand the intricateness of having a closer relationship with Jesus Christ, because to be in Christ and walk in Christ is to have a closer touch with Christ and His works, thus ascribing to get to the point of being called The One Jesus Loves.

The fact that Jesus made sure His Rings of friends were closely knit could be seen by His choice of followers.

  • He chose the Twelve (12).
  • He appointed the Seventy (70).
  • He commissioned the Five thousand (5000).
  • But he became too friendly with the Three (3), drawing them to His inner circle.
  • One became the closest and earned the title of  The One Jesus Loves.


The three Disciples stood out among the twelve. These were the men who went with Him (Jesus Christ) everywhere (including The One Jesus Loves)

These were the men He showed the Heights (the mountain of transfiguration) and lows (the Garden of Gethsemane, where His pains turned to tears, and a His tears turned to blood.)

This clearly shows that it’s only those with the code to the Inner Ring of Christ that can benefit from this closeness.

John – The One Jesus Loves

But out of the Three close Disciples, one stood out from the rest. John was his name.

John was the ONLY One who among the three that understood Jesus more, and takes His word to heart and makes them his own.

John was the ONLY one among the Disciples who followed Jesus Christ to the point of Crucifixion and earned the ultimate title of ” The One Jesus Loves “.

The Book – The One Jesus Loves, by Robert Crosby, could be said to centre on the Disciple John, who clearly earned his title – ” The one Jesus Loves “, but it also teaches us more of forming a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.

If only we can emulate John and also take to heart all that Jesus Christ taught and represented while He was on Earth, this can then bring us to the point of understanding God more and becoming “ the One Jesus Loves ”.

Once you have accepted Jesus Christ to lead you, you should know that you have been empowered with unconditional Grace; The choice is now yours whether you pursue intimacy with Christ Jesus relentlessly to become one of the Inner Rings of Christ in His Inner Circle to enable you come to the point of being called – “ The One Jesus Loves ”.

I would highly recommend this book – “ The one Jesus Loves ”, by Robert Crosby to anyone who wants to get a deeper insight on how to be closer to Christ Jesus and anyone who is serious about Knowing Your Inner Circle in Jesus Christ and Qualification for making it to the Inner Ring of Christ.

Robert Crosby through this great book – “ The one Jesus Loves ”, has opened my eyes on understanding that it pays to Trust Jesus and take to Heart His words and deeds.

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