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The Osu Caste System and Spiritual Slavery of Igboland.

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The Osu Caste System has been an issue over the years in mostly Igbo region of Nigeria. A lot of arguments has been made as to weather it should be dropped or abolished or even upheld.

WHAT IS OUTCAST: This simply means a person who has been rejected or ostracised by their society or social group.

The Osu Caste system is an ancient practice in Igboland that discourages social interaction and marriage with a group or persons called OSU.

The Osu’s are respected monks devoted to the service and worship of a deity. It can be traced back to the olden days, when human sacrifice were made to the gods to cleanse the land from abomination.

The OSU are treated as inferior people despite the fact that they were monks and priest to deities that was used to cleanse the land.

The are also treated as inferior to the “Nwadiala people”. They are meant to live in mostly isolated places where no one associates with them.

In some parts of Igboland when two young people are about to get married, Investigations are made to find out if any of them is from the Osu clan.

There are few things i want us to know about those people that are tagged OSU in Igboland,

  1. They are mostly the most influential.
  2. They are the most beautiful.
  3. They are the most educated.
  4. They are the most successful.
  5. Most philanthropist are from there.

The Osu caste System to the best of my knowledge makes no sense and it is only a way that tradition has used to keep people’s minds in spiritual slavery.

The Bible said that “if any man be in Christ he is a new creature”, so why should we continue to see someone as OSU when we also claim to know Christ.

I believe the Osu Caste System must be abolish by making sure that everyone know that OSU is just the state of mind of some old grey haired men who sit in the village telling us that they are upholding the tradition and culture of the land.

This insinuation has destroyed a lot of good relationship that was built in years. It has also stalled lots of developments.

Why should a young man and woman who has been together for years believe that they will die or that their inability to have a child is simply because they are OSU.

These are just mere fantasies.

Everybody should be accepted irrespective of who we are or how we were born.

Chinua Achebe in his book, No Longer At Ease, aptly described the OSU Caste system thus,

“Our fathers in their darkness and ignorance called an innocent man OSU, a thing given to the idols and thereafter he became an outcast, his children, and his children’s children forever.”

For how long shall my people dwell in this primitive darkness. This OSU thing should be abolished by the government and the church has a lot of work to do.

What are your thougths on the Osu Caste System?
Have you or anyone you know been affected by the Osu Caste System?
please let us know.

Thank you.

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