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The Positive Courage of Jesus Christ

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Positive Courage: We have seen that it takes Positive courage for you to expect and have a Miracle in your life. We will also look at issues bothering Positive and Negative Courage, as we continue the discussion on Positive Courage, as part of the June 2013 Synchroblog – Ordinary Courage. We will also look at:

Just like every act of human endeavour, courage comes in two folds – The Positive and Negative Courage.

As we are already aware of, the devil and its fallen angels are all copycats, they tend to copy everything that God Almighty does and use it to deceive many.

God through Christ Jesus has restored our hope and have given us the mandate to stay positive and have courage in what we do.

Men & Women That Exhibited Positive Courage In The Bible

From the Book of Genesis to Revelation, the Bible has great accounts of men and women who exhibited Positive courage that we ought to emulate.

It also has many accounts of lots of people whose negative courage we must avoid at ALL cost.

The Positive Courage of Jesus

Jesus showed great courage when He chose to come to the World and die on the cross for the sake of mankind.

With His Positive courage, we as humans – the creatures of God Almighty were able to be redeemed and reconciled back with God.

At age 12, Jesus had enough courage to hold a one-on-one talk and conference with the “untouchables” in the Temple in Jerusalem to discuss the Books of the Laws. His courage and the grace of God lead Him to astonishly answer all the questions that were thrown His way.

The exploits that Jesus did on Earth are too numerous to mention. From His first Miracle of turning water into wine, to the sending of the Holy Spirit – the Comforter to comfort us on His ascension to Heaven.

Let’s take a look at The Examples of exhibition of Positive Courage in Biblical Times.

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