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The Private Jet Frenzy – The New Age Pastors

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The Private Jet Frenzy

The Private Jet Frenzy

Being a Priest, Pastor or Bishop comes with it certain characters and conduct expected of the Clergy by God Almighty and of course the people. In the scriptures, Priests were depicted as very Holy persons who constantly sought the face and presence of God. Whenever they spoke, they conveyed to the people the thoughts of God and admonish the people on the values of God. From Samuel to Elijah to Simone  the clergy exhibited humility and maintained a high standard of righteousness. They never left any body in doubt of their credibility.

Even the European missionaries that originally brought the Holy gospel to us displayed humility, compassion and showed to have spiritual and social developmental qualities. They established schools, hospitals, trained teachers and nurses, cared for the sick and the poor. They lived among the local people, ate with them, drank their water, suffered the same illnesses with the people and were sometimes killed by the people or the local illnesses. They did these with the fear of God and with dedication.

However, recent developments in the church especially in our country Nigeria have left one to wonder if Christianity is loosing its relevance. The culprits this time are the Pastors who parade themselves as Bishops or General Overseers. These men now seem to worship materialism and there is a clear race among them to outdo the other. From acquiring properties, establishing very expensive school, they have now delved into private jet acquisition. The latest of them all is the president of the Christian association of Nigeria, Pastor Ayo Oritsajefor (I may have spelt his name wrongly but …….). This brings the number of known pastor private jet owners in Nigeria to four.

There are a lot of reasons why these so called men of God should not acquire these expensive jets.

  1. They pastor/lead congregations in a country where 80 percent of the citizens live below poverty line.
  2. Secondly, the preaching of these pastors have done nothing to reduce the crime rate in the country; there are more violent crimes in the country today than 20 years ago.
  3. Thirdly, it is gross human injustice to exploit the poor who have come to church to seek salvation and succor.
  4. Most of these pastors have developed various types of gimmicks to extort money from the folks.

The bottom line is that these pastors have abandoned their primary job; to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to win souls for Christ. In his bid to deceive all of us, he claimed that the jet is a gift from members of his church. This can show you the mind set of these folks. As part of the celebration, his wife gathered former Nigerian football stars to play a novelty match for her husband in Warri.

Oritsajefor hails from Delta state, a state that was recently ravaged by flood with 40 percent of the citizens living in camps. As a man of God, Oritsajefor never visited any of these camps neither did he donate generously for their upkeep.

The day of judgement is fast coming. If these men continue with their flamboyant life styles, then what happened in Europe and America will happen in Nigeria sooner than later; Christianity and indeed religion will loose its relevance. A stitch in time saves nine.


An analysis and contribution from Ikechi Gbenimacho. re-posted under permission.

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  • I pray that God reposition the orientation of 'our pastors' so that they understand the essentials of serving God.

  • I am still trying to find the chapter in the Bible where it is quoted that Jesus Christ bought any Ship or Boat or even owned any Chariot through out His life and service on Earth!

    • Pls how do you expect these ministers that have impacted the world and have outreaches in many countries of the world every now and then meet up with their schedule? Jesus said greater works they shall do and commanded them to reach uttermost part of the earth.

    • We should not miss the point here. How many of these people have really helped the poor masses within their congregation? Most of them just come abroad to utilise the facilities built by Churches and Agencies that were "Human faced" . People who have the human feelings and also have the poor in mind.
      The need for public transport is to help pay the bills of so many people. Jesus entered public transport, and no MAN on EARTH has been able to and can perform MIRACLES like JESUS!!

  • avatar VisionHub says:

    The problems with our people is that we have been "tweaked" to believe that we MUST eat the fruits of the Gentiles!
    My Question is: Were there not some great Ship and Chariots in the days of Jesus Christ? Yes there were lots of them, but the Bible which we are using as a guide never recorded that Jesus BOUGHT a ship or Boat for transportation.
    There is never any account in the Bible where it was quoted that Jesus Christ had lots of Chariots made of Gold or silver.
    Our Church "RULERS" should emulate the virtues that Jesus had/have and revise their ways! No matter the excuses they have, lets face the fact, what exactly is the meaning of GREAT COMMISSION!

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