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Things that destroy Godly Relationships

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The moment we know the Rules of Godly Relationship, its very important that we take some time out to know what we should try to avoid doing or the life when must try to avoid living in order not to destroy the Godly relationship we have.

Things that destroy Godly Relationships

There are many things that destroy Godly relationship, which among them will include:
  • Fornication
  • Lying
  • Unfaithfulness
  • Covetousness
  • Drunkeness
  • and the list is endless.
Other things may include:
  1. Wrong attitude to / or perception of the opposite s-e-x.
  2. Covetousness destroys life and brings bitterness. This ultimately leads to being parasitic, and having a parasitic relationship is not good at all.
  3. Premature timing for relationships can be a kill joy. Timing is a number one rule in Life.
  4. Backsliding / poor knowledge of the word of God.
  5. When there is no Holy Ghost in any relationship, that relationship is doomed to fail.
The Holy Ghost is a comforter, a friend, a teacher in any relationship. If you ever want to have a great relationship, I will suggest you ask the Holy Spirit for an advice and teaching.

Levels of Relationship

There are various levels of Relationship that you have to be aware of.
  • The relationship between God and You.
  • The relationship between You and Your Parents.
  • The relationship between You and your School / Course Mates / Friends.
  • The relationship between You and A FRIEND. (One that is closer than a Brother).
  • The relationship between You and that Special ONE (1).
In all your relationships, make sure its Godly and always ask the Holy Ghost to help you out, and stay Blessed.

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