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Dreams: Time to Say No to Dream Killers

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Dreams and Dream Killers are some of the great endowment that the creator has used to decorate us.

The Creator put in ideas into us. We are prepared with lots of ideas, and it’s only a matter of applying our sensory abilities to the other embedded abilities to bring our Dream(s) from the Dreamland to the land of realities.

Dreams are hidden treasure that are birth in the inside of us. Dreams are not just what we get when we are sleeping or what comes to us when we are either consciously or unconsciously resting.

Treasure the Dream(s)

Dreams like treasures are hidden within us, and it only takes someone with an in-depth knowledge of who they are to see dreams and realise its worth.

Dream killers on the other hand are people, time and space that tends to either wipe away these dreams before they are captured in our mind frame, or they wait for the dreams to be made clear and they attack with the most discouraging words and energy in the whole universe.

Dream Killers are either people or people in places of high reputation, or even people we hold to high esteem.

So from the above, we can see that Dream Killers are not spirits, but people! Human beings in flesh and blood.

These are people whose aim is to always quash our dreams and make them seem either irrelevant or not/non achievable.

As we matched into the Month of MARCH, I had lots of plans.

  • To close some old doors, in fact take off the hinges and build a strong wall over its place.
  • To amalgamate or utilise the power of Synergy in bringing together some efforts and making them fruitful.
  • My thoughts for you this day is to SAY capital NO to people who do not in any way add value to your life.
  • Say NO to people whose only addition to your life is to talk you down, fit you into their palms, make you realise how ‘small’ and minute your efforts are.
  • People who have no business of being In Your life.
  • Say NO to the Lip service Providers!
  • Say NO to anyone who does not see any good thing in your future.

Be open minded and take in all the beauty that your creator has bestowed in you.

Remember, Dreams do come TRUE, but it takes work, more work and greater Work to turn your dream(s) from mere dreams to a Reality.

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