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What I Don’t Appreciate About Your Religion!!

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Religion has always been one of the Topics that many avoid in discussion, simply because you get many people more hyped about Religion and its ordinances that the Main Object of their religion.

This post – What I Don’t Appreciate About Your Religion!! is written as part of the March 2015 SynchroBlog: “What I Appreciate About [Other Religions]”

As a Christian who understands that Christianity is NOT a RELIGION but a WAY OF LIFE, I find it difficult to understand why people (Christians) carry religion on their heads without any single reverence to God or Jesus Christ.

From my understanding, Christianity came into existence due to the Works of Jesus Christ on Earth and the Teaching and practices of Jesus Christ while on Earth. The Disciples emulated these teachings and practiced it. This is largely because they have been with Jesus Christ throughout His Ministry on Earth, and His life and lifestyle including His teachings have assimilated into them.

The assimilation of Jesus Christ’s teachings were never automatic, but became a lifestyle with time. Thus there were able to exhibit the tenements of Jesus Christ even after His crucifixion, Death and ascension of Jesus Christ. More so that people around knew that these men have lived or followed Jesus Christ closely.

This to me is a clear example of How Christians should behave. But as it is in our World today, we get lots of people who profess Jesus Christ and His teachings, but never follows His footsteps.

They only do things the way they want and make up things to enable them get Members and increased followership.

Religion and Causes of Intolerance

As Religion invades Christianity and practically turning Christianity into a Religion for many people, intolerance starts to brew.

Religious intolerance is not a new thing, as it was the order of the day in the times of Jesus Christ, and still thrives till date. This was why Jesus talked about the Pharisees and the Scribes, those that tend to be Religious outwardly than inside them

These are people who exhibit the Religious tendencies and piety when they are before others, but show who they really are when no one is near them.

Why should I tolerate Your Religion?

What then can be say about Religion and Tolerance? Why should I even tolerate your religion if it is not the same with mine?

These question seems farfetched, but in reality, it tries to ask pertinent questions that may not have a straight answers

Many people have found ways to access God. Some do so through their own ways – Buddha, Islam, Krishna etc. I believe their aim is to find the easiest way to reach and communicate with and to God.

Christians have chosen to communicate to God through His Son Jesus Christ and thus channel all the requests to God.

Now tolerating others and their beliefs and mode of accessing the presence of God or god should be paramount to Us as Christians.

Throughout Jesus Christ’s life on Earth, He lived among people who have different means of getting to God. Some followed the Old Testament ways, while some followed the ways by which their forefathers accessed God. It is therefore our duty of care towards others to also tolerate these people even as Jesus Christ did.

Never in the Bible did we see Jesus Christ disrupt the activities of other Religion. He rebuked the ones who went contrary to His teachings, and also tried to show the Way of God to others. He never for once FORCED them to accept His teachings.

He never for once profited from His teachings. This should therefore be a yardstick for all Christians who have become RADICALISED or have become RELIGIOUS and have therefore left the Teachings and Ordinances of Jesus Christ.

It is not yet late to make a complete U-Turn and adhere to the Teachings of Christ Jesus.

It is however very important to note that many other Religious Beliefs have adopted Oneness, piety, Brotherliness, close connectivity etc. in their ways and teachings.

This and many good things are what we should emulate from these Religions and integrate/inculcate into Ours.

Remember that Christianity is not a Religion, but a way of Life. Use your life and living to win souls to God through Jesus Christ and not by being a reader and listener alone.

Tolerate others with different Views (Religions), do your Job of sowing Seeds, and let the Holy Spirit do the rest.

This post – What I Don’t Appreciate About Your Religion!! is written as part of the March 2015 SynchroBlog: “What I Appreciate About [Other Religions]

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