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What is FAITH? – The Biblical Men of Faith

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Faith Continued:

Hebrews 11:1-19
“Now…………..” this from the passage, means that FAITH is a SUBJECT of the PRESENT.
The substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.


The Living Bible has it as – “the confident assurance that something that we want is going to happen….”
Faith is being confidently sure, without any iota of doubt that God is able to do as he promised. (Romans 4:21)
Let’s examine some of the personalities among the Roll-call of the men of Faith.


1.   Abel (Genesis 4:3)
For Abel, faith is:
ð Giving the very best of God.
ð He knew he must give cheerfully, wholeheartedly, without any eye-service, rancour etc.
ð Faith is giving the BEST to God.
Dignity, respect, our attitude, all these must be considered if we want to give the best to God.


2.   NOAH (Hebrews 11:7)          He pleased God – Genesis 6:8-22              
For Noah, faith is:
ð Living a righteous life.
ð For about 120 years, Noah waited patiently and built the ark, not minding what was happening around him. By then, it has NEVER been recorded in the Bible that there has been RAIN, only a mist that comes and wets the Earth.
ð Noah had a total commitment of obedience to God.
The Question is:
(a.) Can God boast of you today, as He boasted of Job?
(b.) Can God score you and find U?

3.   ENOCH (Hebrews 11:5)       He pleased God – Genesis 6:8-22              
For Enoch, Faith is:
ð Walking with God. For the first (1st) 65 years of Enoch, he wasted his ways but came back to God, and allowed himself to WALK with God.
ð He made God his Friend and confidant.
ð He allowed God to order his steps.
ð He asks for consent from God before doing anything.
The Question is:
(a.) Is God your best friend?
(b.) How consistent is your WALK with God?
(c.) How much of the WORD of God is in you?


Faith must be –Expressed, Acted, Said, so that you would get what you want.
Let’s begin to put FAITH in action, so that we can have the same blessings as our Fathers of Old. Amen!

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