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When God pulls your strings : A Story of Faith

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When God pulls your strings, you have no choice but to follow His lead.

“I am your God, who brought you out of Egypt, is there anything too hard for me?”

This question has been read a billion times, it’s been asked a zillion times and still different answers have been given.

Even when we think that the worst has happened, when it seems the tsunami of life is about to envelope you, when the wind has refused to dance to the beats and rhythm of the rain, when the thunders clash with the lightings and it seems a ‘clash of the Titans’ is about to be unleashed over the Earth.

When the ONLY thing that seems the best answer to man is either to throw in the towel or kick the bucket, as if the shortest route to a fine morning is not by sleeping through the night and give caution to the winds and allow the mind to rest a while.

In the midst of all these and more utter confusions, the Lord God Almighty still finds a way to ‘sneak in’ this little words through a deep gnashing thoughts in your mind – ‘is there anything too difficult for me?’

Who can answer such questions when his mind is placed in a basket of doubts? When his mind is like a dry blanket used in covering up raging fire; when all that his mind can think of at the moment is the wrongs; ifs; whys and the what-ifs of their lives.

When God pulls your strings, will you respond?

He was a very brilliant young man who had everything going on for him. In the right sense of it, he was considered the BEST among his friends. Most people envied him, most admired him. He was a pillar, a shoulder and a confidant.

He was a Buy-on-get-one-free kind of man. A man whose friendship is worth more than the shares of the best company quoted on the World’s best stock exchange.

On the 25th of August 1995, something significant happened to that young man. When all young and upcoming teens decides to give their lives to the green, brown and white bottles of alcohol; when the in-thing was to look at girls what the eyes of desire; when the only thing left in the brains of a young teenager was how to quell the erective desires of his mind; when it doesn’t matter whose ox was gored.

When all that matters is to move with the crowd; please the crowd and take the crowd along with you; He managed to put all the sweet choices aside and allowed Jesus to pull his strings.

On this fateful day, he gave his life to God through Jesus Christ. He was not cajoled to accepting Jesus Christ as his Lord and saviour, but came to God with a conviction in his heart that he really needed a guide in his life.

Years have gone by and he has managed to acquire more knowledge of God through constant Bible studies, learning from Nature and life lessons.

In the University, he joined a fellowship not just to serve, but to learn the in-depth of the knowledge of God, because of what the future holds.

He graduated and was now released to the World to soar. Not long after graduation, he got job offers. He took up a job which he knew would not just shoot him to limelight, but will also give him the opportunity to witness and preach the Word of God in and out of season.

With his dedication to duty and his sense of responsibilities, he became the admirable young man in his place of work, but also contacted the envy of many.

His works spoke for him, thus he was and through his acts have become what he always wanted – to be in the limelight. He was always wise in all his dealing and like Jesus Christ while on Earth, he had lots of followers, lots of people who believed in him and looks up to him for inspiration and guidance.

He was a Teen Teacher in his Church and a dedicated one at that. His conducts towards both his fellow Teen teachers, the Teens and their parents was both commendable and admirable.

In all his months and years as a Teen Teacher, he acquired the skills of negotiation, confidentiality, listening capabilities, decision making etc. these skills were invaluable to him, and have helped him in all his works and duties.

Seeing his works and the volume that they speak of him, he was offered a way to a higher pedestal in his working life. He got an offer to further his education abroad, and his life changed.

Find out what happened and how his life and believe changed. This is just the beginning of his journey of faith.

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