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When Inspiration Pours Like Sperm Into Your Mind

Do you need Inspiration? Relax and let Inspiration ejaculate (into your mind), fresh ideas that swims faster, looking for the best and fertile eggs..
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When inspiration comes, it Pours out into your mind.- this is an understatement..

When inspiration comes, it ejaculates (into your mind), fresh ideas that swims faster, looking for the best and fertile egg to mate with and procreate.

Don’t waste your time seeking to reconfirm if the ideas are meant for you or not, if they are not for you God would not have released it to your mind.

Rush and get a notepad and jot down the initial ideas as they are being released into your mind’s system.

Do not delay or procrastinate, if the window of release is over, it closes up, and a new process will need to be started again before a new set of ideas are ejaculated into your mind again.

What to do with Inspiration

Write the vision, make it plain….” – Habakkuk 2:2. There is a reason for God asking Habakkuk to rush and pen down the visions He was showing him. Once written down, you will be able to remember it, amend it or implement it.

The Bible accounts that when God had finished creating the Heavens and Earth and all animals in it, He saw what He created and was happy, but He needed a way of accountability and someone to take charge of His works, and God said “let Us create man in Our own image….”-  Genesis 1:26-28.

The thought came to God and though the Bible didn’t say He wrote it down, but there is an account of it, so it’s likely that someone wrote it down and we know that God implemented the idea and that’s why we are here today.

Yes, you can argue from today till the moon runs away and hides behind the sun, but if you don’t do something with the ideas that are being ejaculated into your mind now as you read this, they will disappear and you’ll have yourself to blame.

So what are you waiting for? Get writing. Jot down at least 5 ideas that have been romancing your mind since you first read the word “ejaculate” in the opening paragraph. (Hey don’t scroll up trying to see if you can see that word there).

Start expanding those ideas and you are free to let me know what you have in your mind, I might be able to guide you to its implementation and fruition.

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