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When the storms of life comes

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This morning as I walked into the train station, the environment was lively, cool and as usual bursting with the daily activities, as people went about their normal businesses.

I went to the counter and purchased my usual weekly ticket.


As I passed the little cross-over bridge to get to my usual stand on the train station platform, I couldn’t but notice the serenity in the beech by the side of the train station.

Four days ago, this same beach was being battered by the high Irish waves, that saw the sea water almost overflowing the banks; with high forceful wind and the normal displacement of the beach sand and other objects etc on the beach.


As I wondered and thought, an idea came up in my mind. This you can attribute to divine integration or interpretation as the case may be, was like a though of what happens “When the Storms of life comes”.

Now you may have paused and thought – where is he taking this to today? Well let’s analyse some few things or attributes of the storm and its effects on the sea and beaches, and also relate it to our physical self and our various lives.


When the storms of life come: The story of the sea/beach

When the Storms of life come:

  • There is an overflow of waters
  • It will be preceded by high wind/windy condition
  • There is an increase in the water level
  • There is/must be displacement of sand/top soil
  • There would be building of sand dunes
  • There would be destruction of weak sand dunes
  • There would be obscured views for sea users
  • There would be high sea waves
  • Only the daredevil surfs the high waves

When the storms of life comes

What will you do when the Storms of Life comes? The question is open for your answer!

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  • The Storms of life comes in different levels, they are the challenges that we encounter in our every day living, be it in marriages/relationships, careers, schools etc. When I encounter such, I ask for HIS divine grace, clinging to my anchor, the Pillar that holds my life.

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