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When Two Hearts Live In Two Separate Worlds In A Marriage

Marriage is not a testing ground for children. Its either you are In or Out.Is it possible to be married but your two hearts live in two separate worlds?
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Is it possible to be married but your two hearts live in two separate worlds?

Yes it is possible that two people who are married, live in the same house, but their two hearts live in two separate worlds. This may be because they have separate ideologies about marriage and it’s implementation.

I am not talking about long distance marriages. But a situation where two people are married, share the same living space, share everything in an enclosure, but their two hearts live in two separate worlds. In such situations, there is no agreement whatsoever; feud and disarray becomes the order of the day.

You may be forced to ask yourself why would these two people got married in the first place? Why get married to someone if you can’t agree to disagree?

You may need to ask yourself the reasons why people would not remain single instead of getting yoked with someone whom they can’t stand their ideas or who can’t tolerate them and their manners?

Two Hearts live as one: A history needed

Of a truth, before any two Hearts can become one, there must be history of the merging process. Nature has taught us that before a baby is born, it goes through formative stages.

From the sperm swimming to meet with the choice egg, the embryo becoming the foetus, to the baby doing gymnastics in the mother’s Womb and getting special attachment with the mother through the umbilical cord, till the day the baby is born and given a name.

All these processes involves work and learning to adapt to new environments, new systems, new ways, making choices and adapting to these choices, whether it is favourable or not.

Likewise marriage is a choice. Starting a relationship with an individual is a choice and a process that matures with time.

Every Relationship has its formative stages, these stages requires attention and its due attention must be given. Such relationship or union is bound to have cracks, if these processes are not followed to the letter, and this may lead to Two Hearts living in two separate worlds.

Relationship requires sacrifice, which will help merge the hearts together and take them from two hearts to one heart which beats and synchronise in unison in the direction of the two owners.

Are you married but your two hearts still lives in Two separate worlds? Why don’t you go back to the foundation of your relationship and see what needs to be amended, then evaluate the extent of work required to do so.

What’s your take on this? It would be great to hear your mind.


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