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Who Is In Your ‘Ship?

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Dressing to expressIn Mathew chapter 14:22-34, the Bible made us to understand that Peter saw Jesus walking on the sea.He was eager and wanted to join Jesus. He called out to Jesus and Jesus “bade” him to come.

He stepped out of his “Ship” and walked on water. Apart from Jesus, Peter is the ONLY person that is accounted for walking on water.

Hey! wait a minute! Peter is walking on water! He is a fulfilled man! he has done and lived a miracle! But hey, he forgot something. What could that be? Let’s check and see.

Peter forgot that he left some people in the ship. He forgot he left his fellow Disciples  his best mates, and his best friends on the ship. He just all of the sudden forgot that his best allies are still on the ship.

What Peter did not realise was that the ‘people’ left on that ‘ship’ could become a source of his unbelief and a source of grief to him.

It may have been the fellow disciples that made Peter to be aware of the wind.They may have mocked him, they may have spoken some fearful words to him. The moment Peter realised he has left his friends and all alone, some atom of fear entered his mind and consumed him. He suddenly began to “sink”. This is a man who had early called out to Jesus to ask him to come. He had forgotten that Jesus was just some few steps away. He had looked back.

Who really is in your Ship? In all the ‘Ships’ you have entered, who are you with? or simply put, who have you been with?

  • In your relationSHIP, who is your closest friend?
  • In CourtSHIP, who is your dependent and adviser?
  • In FellowSHIP, who are you really following?
  • In your FriendSHIP, whoa are you with?

As you read and digest this, it is very important that you are careful of who is in your ship. It is not yet late to crosscheck who your crew is. Let Jesus be head of your crew and you will never have to ask yourself again “Who is in your ship?”.

Be careful who is in your ship!!


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  • The problem that Peter had was not that he did not have faith, neither was it that he did not TRUST Jesus. Remember that he asked Jesus to "Bid him come".
    His major problem were the people he left on the Ship. Who is on your Ship? Who are you listening to? What is your relationship with the people you have in your Ship?
    If you are not careful, they will mislead you into submitting to fears!

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