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Why do you need another spouse?

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There is this bittersweet moment in a relationship, you and your spouse are having a hard time. The relationship is shifting to a curve that no one expected. Nothing is certain anymore.

Bang!!! All hell is let loose, things starts to fall apart and even the centre could not hold it anymore. Then someone comes into the whole situations and shells out this melodic question: Why do you need another Spouse?

This is the most selfish question we often ask those with bitter experiences of a failed marriage.

The germane question should be: Why not? Why don’t you have another spouse? Why remain in hell on Earth?

It sounded like a morning bell in my ears (I mean that annoying sound rousing you from a deep slumber early in the morning) as I waited patiently to be called by my solicitors’ secretary.

The beauty of the Spouse.

Jolted out of my reverie, I looked up to behold an amazing sight of a young lady probably in her late twenties. An African beauty, if there is anything like that, she was lost in her own world. Unfortunately, her beauty could not hide her secret pain. It was that glaring to any discerning eyes.

Mere looking at this beauty, I began to wonder within myself, how can anyone in her right mind advice this young lady not to move on and forget about the hit-and-run of a spouse? This is a young lady in a very bad frame of mind, a single parent being tormented by her sadistic and miserable spouse.

I began to pray for my solicitor not to come in yet. I began to listen to their conversation without meaning to…forgive me. But the story was too compelling and gripping not to listen.

The lady began to explain with bitterness how her spouse had been maltreating her and their two kids. Tormenting her emotionally, mentally and physically and ceaselessly so. The husband does not even care about the two kids, all that matters to him is how to look good all the time.

The most fortunate Spouse.

According to her, the spouse rarely returned home to sleep and on those few occasions when he managed to come home, all he does is to remind her of how fortunate she is to find someone like him to marry as a husband. In his own estimation, he is a God’s gift to women. As if that is not enough, he will eat from the pot he doesn’t even know how she manage to cook.

She told of how the rest of those rare evening will be spent on the phone with his numerous strange women and when he becomes horny, most probably from his conversation on the phone, he will jump on her and devour her like wild lion.

Above all, her spouse later left her for good but her families are not making things easy for her. They want her to remain in the house and wait till he changes his mind and come back home.

It is well with you, my sister! I exclaimed loudly to myself which prompted both the young lady and the older woman she was regaling her story with to turn and look at me.

…and it was at that point that the secretary called my name and I nearly jolt out of my skin because I was deeply engrossed in their conversation and saving the attendant embarrassment.

Throughout that day I couldn’t do much at home, all I saw was that innocent looking face, her moist eyes and her messed up makeup due to the uncontrollable tears cascading down her cheeks in torrents.

What to say to an abusive Spouse.

If I had the opportunity to speak to her, what will I say to her? I asked myself. How can any sane human being encourage her to continue enduring the abusive relationship? Or should I give her one million reasons why fleeing for her life is the most intelligent option?

This terrible and pathetic stories abound everywhere. What happened to the love they first shared? What came between them? When and how did they start drifting apart?

Hmmm! God have mercy, devil is really waging war against everyone especially couples now.

  • What could be responsible for this state of affairs as regard the Institution of marriage?
  • Is it that there are more women than men or are we in the era where the Bible talked about three women to a man?

Please dear Lord, save our homes from strange women prowling to wreak havoc.

Time is 1:26, I have to stop here now in order to catch some sleep. Till I give you another gist tomorrow about my boo, he is waiting ….I remain Anointed, the sweetie pie of my honey bunch!

Please look out for more write ups from His pot of wisdom.

Written by: Esther Palmer

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