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Why the Hell do you Believe in Hell?

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Hell has been talked about as the FINAL abode for the wicked and those that do not believe in God through Jesus Christ (Psalm 9:17-18).

Before the evolvement of Pentecostal Christianity in the early 2000s, the Topic and teachings of Hell featured prominently in the Church doctrinal teachings, but suddenly, the teachings and constant reminder of/to the church that HELL is real and the consequences of non-repentance have been given the back seat.

Today we see the teachings of Money, spirituality, demonology, prosperity, seed sowingology, tithing, seed faith, faith and its likes being given prominent positions in the daily teachings and preaching of the men, prompting the filling of pews by people who are always carried away by the swaying of such teachings.

In order to really get the view of Hell and its realities, the question about the understanding of Hell was put up forward for discussion.

Young Generation and Hell

When put out to the younger generation about their thoughts on Hell, the results gotten were alarming.

I think we shouldn’t deny the existence of Hell, play down its reality or pretend it doesn’t exist, however we shouldn’t talk obsessively about Hell either.

If we are always consumed with the thoughts of Hell, it can distract us from focusing on other areas of Spiritual growth…. The awareness of Hel and its realities should be another incentive to avoid it, but should not be the ONLY reason.

It is important though that if we claim to love someone, we wouldn’t hesitate to tell them that Hell is real, or never mention it at all.

Another said: “In my own view, Hell and its mentions and teachings has gradually been “deleted” from most alters and replaced by the prolific action of preaching about instant miracles, demonology, sowing of seeds and instant monetary rewards in our churches today!

Then this brings us to the problem of “How many of us believers that even bother to remember to tell our friends about Hell or point people towards its direction or take our time to explain about Hell in order to help them make better choices?

Christians of Today and Hell

The problem we see with the Christians of our generation is that people would rather talk about Love, the love of Christ Jesus, miracles, Tithes etc. than engage themselves in talking about Hell and its realities.

Hear this respondent: “I’ll rather talk about LOVE than HELL. I am a Christian because I Love God, not because I don’t want to go to Hell…..

The result of Loving God and believing in His Son Jesus Christ is the chance to earn eternity in His Kingdom.

I also know that the result of not accepting His Love is a damned eternity in Hell.

Yes we agree that God is Love and everything that concerns and centres on God must be viewed with and in the eyes of Love, but the reality is that if you don’t and can’t live in God words and love, isn’t that an indication that you are buying a one way ticket and the destination is Hell?

Before I could even finish, here comes the justification of not talking about Hell.

Well as far as I am concerned, it’s LOVE first. The Love of Christ must be preached first. It must be at the forefront of our minds. I can’t bring myself to imagine speaking about Hell with someone who is unsaved. Is that supposed to be a motivation?

So this means we are now counting in numbers rather than in the value of our conversion or acceptance of Christ Jesus?

For me, not constantly talking about Hell to the Church or Body of Christ is same way as turning blind eyes to the fact that Alter Calls have gradually been replaced by Money/Miracle adverts after preaching.

The value of our conversion and acceptance of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour is gradually turning into a thing of statistics; where the number of the congregation matters more than the value of and balancing of the teachings that are being taught.

As many teachings in our churches and various bodies of Christ are now centred on LOVE and money, rather than the realities of life of a Christian, it seems we are producing half-baked Christians who only know of the Love of God and spending eternity with God in heaven, but do not necessarily want to talk about Hell and it’s flurries (2 Peter 2:3-5).

So I ask again, Why the Hell do you want to believe in Hell, when there is free flow of Love surrounding you?

I have set apart a choice for you, you now have the chance to pick from living a cosy life here on Earth in waiting for eternity in Heaven, or waiting for your call up letter to Hell. But the Truth is, there is Heaven and there is Hell. (Luke 12:4-6)

Choose wisely!

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